Cross Country 2017

PIAA Results:
Congratulations to the Girls Team:  STATE CHAMPIONS!

Sarena Seeger:  11th place, MEDAL (her second one)
Annika Urban:  28th
Caelan Miller:  30th
Grace Sisson:  47th
Brooke Krally: 74th
Anna Folkerts:  172
Izzy Doerr:  196


Christian Fitch: 30th
Ian Brown: 140th

WPIAL Results:

Girls Team:  2nd Place

Caelan Miller 4th (Medal)
Annika Urban 6th (Medal)
Sarena Seeger 8th (Medal)
Brooke Krally 17th
Grace Sissoin 21st
Anna Folkerts
Izzy Doerr

Boys Team:  5th place

Christian Fitch 10th (Medal)
Ian Brown 22nd
Jon Folkerts 28th
Greg Overbeck 48th
Avery Bursick 101st
Ryan Kenyon
Shane Funk

Invitational Team Results:

Girls 1st place
Boys 2nd place

Red White and Blue:
Girls 1st
Boys 7th

Girls 2nd
Boys 11th

Section Championships:

Mack Cooper:
Girls 1st
Boys 5th

Official start of the season:  Monday August 14, 8:00 am at the high school (meet by the fox statue).  First week of practice will be 8:00 - 10:00 (approximately - will most likely be later on the first couple of days).  Second week of practice will be 2:45 - 4:45 (approximately).

What to bring:  Water/hydration (Gatorade is good for after practice); running shoes, watch
(GPS if you have one.  If not not a regular wristwatch is fine), snack for after practice (e.g. protein bar)

Summer practice begins June 19, 8:00 AM.  Meet at North Park, Boy Scout Cabin - across from the lake, just past the corner of Wildwood Road and Babcock.  Click the link on the left for directions.

Summer practices will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Starting time is 8:00 am sharp; ending time will be no later than 10:00 am.

Important!:  Join the FCXC "Remind" group by downloading the remind app, and joining "@fcxc1". 

Click the "How to Sign up" link to the left, to officially sign up for the team.

Click the "schedule" link for season schedule details.


Check out the 2016 Highlight Video!


Tom Moul:  tom_moul@fcasd.edu
Justin Patterson:  justin_patterson@fcasd.edu


Congratulations to Sarena Seeger, for her 17th place, Medal-Winning run at the state championship meet!



Congratulations to the Girls Team:  SECOND place at the WPIAL Championships!!  This is the first time in school history that a girls team has qualified for the state championships.  The following girls comprise this highly accomplished TEAM:

Annika Urban - 9th
Sarena Seeger - 10th
Brooke Krally - 13th
Caelan Miller - 18th
Izzy Doerr
Anna Folkerts
Megan Stafford
Grace Sisson

Congratulations to the following two boys who qualified for the state meet!!
Adam Cook
Christian Fitch

FC Varsity teams take FIRST PLACE at the Mack Cooper Invitational on Oct. 8th at Coopers Lake!!  That's two first place finishes for both teams this season. 

Boys won by 1-point over the second place team.  Top 5 Boys:  Christian Fitch, Adam Cook, John Folkerts, Greg Overbeck, Ian Brown

Girls won by 51!  Top 5 Girls:  Annika Urban, Sarena Seeger, Caelan Miller, Brooke Krally, Anna Folkerts

Individual Medalists: 

Annika Urban and Sarena Seeger tied for a first place finish
Caelan Miller 6th
Brooke Krally 10th

Christian Fitch 5th
Adam Cook 8th
John Folkerts 18th

JV Girls also placed second!  Congrats to medalists Maggy Gaddess (3rd) Abby Alexander (5th), Hannah Chen (13th), Diana Crookston (16th) and Jamie Palmieri (17th)

Section Championship Results CLICK HERE
Boys finished 7-1
Girls finished 7-1


Foundation Invitational:  FC had 3 medalists in this highly competitive state-wide meet:

Adam Cook - 16th

Sarena Seeger - 9th
Annika Urban - 15th

Also of note:   Christian Fitch was 30th overall and the #1 freshman in the race.

Red White and Blue Invitational

5 FC Runners won medals at the prestigious RWB Invite on Saturday September 10!
Annika Urban:  7th place
Sarena Seeger:  8th
Caelan Miller:  11th

Christian Fitch:  11th
Adam Cook:  15th

Gateway Invitational:

FC Girls go 1-2-3 as BOTH teams take

Girls Team:
Annika Urban (first place overall)
Sarena Seeger (second place overall)
Caelan Miller (third place overall)
Brooke Krally
Megan Stafford
Anna Folkerts
Margaret Edgecombe

Christian Fitch (third place overall)
John Folkerts
Adam Cook
Greg Overbeck
Ian Brown
Avery Bursick

Great Team Efforts!  Click "stats and meet results for official times and places"