Tree Warden

Martin Hales is Fownhope's Tree Warden - a voluntary service which he has been performing for some years. In the village and surrounding countryside he has been offering his help to landowners on issues involving trees and woodlands.  

Nationally there is a network of Tree Wardens, organised and supported by the Tree Council.  

The Tree Warden's Role
In Fownhope the most regular requests involve helping the Parish Council respond to applications to undertake work on trees within the local Conservation Area.  See web links at the end of this page for application forms to do tree work, and the map of the village Conservation Area.  
Help can be given to landowners prior to applications to work on trees, with guidance on suitable arboricultural techniques and local practitioners used to carrying out this kind of work.
Here is a quick list of other things Martin can help with:
  • Advice on what trees to plant, dealing with damaged or diseased trees, assessing trees for potential bat or bird roost sites.
  • Obtaining funds for tree planting initiatives.
  • Guided walks on local trees and woodlands, and help with identifying trees in summer and winter.
  • How to protect trees. 
  • Veteran tree assessments
  • Woodland management.
  • Surveys of local trees, identifying any work needed and looking for threats such as new tree diseases.
If anyone in the village has any concerns or ideas about tree related projects or would like to get involved in some of the above work then please contact Martin to discuss this with him.  
Martin Hales can be contacted at, or phone 860438

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