Oil Buying Scheme

The village group scheme for the purchasing of domestic fuel oil, affectionately known as TIMCO, was established by Tim Williams some six years ago and allows members of the scheme to benefit from cheaper oil prices though bulk buying as a group.

The scheme operates very simply with a general 'call' for oil orders going out by email four or five times a year.  The order is collated and Tim then contacts a range of suppliers for their best price and then places the order.  Those ordering are then informed who will be supplying them along with an indication of likely delivery
date. Thereafter the transaction is entirely between the customer and the supplier, they deliver and invoice the customers directly.

The savings made by doing this are quite substantial, particularly for those who purchase the minimum order of 500L. Tim benchmarks our prices against Boilerjuice and he's satisfied that we do better than them every time. 

If you are interested in joining the scheme just email Tim at timfywilliams@hotmail.com with your name, address, telephone number, location of your tank and, should there be any, comments about access.