Local History Group

The Group was founded in 2005 and now has over 100 members.
We aim to promote interest in the village of Fownhope and it’s surroundings, and have built up a large collection of photographs, research information and transcribed census material.
Built upon this research and the many oral recordings we have made of older residents’ memories, a book, Fownhope Remembered has been published.  A second book, Fownhope Beyond Memory, is in it’s final stages before being published.
We have also recently been involved with M.A.C.E. (Media Archive for Central England ) who have helped preserve moving film images of local events and people by transferring old footage onto D.V.D.s.

Meetings are held in the Fownhope Memorial Hall and at various visit locations.
Membership fee for 2014 : Individual £6,  Family £10

Please contact the secretary for more details.

Secretary      Christopher Lansberry 01432 860733.       Christopher_j_lansberry@hotmail.co.uk
Newsletter    Rev Mandy Dees.                    revmdees@btinternet.com
Events      Christopher Lansberry 01432 860733.       Christopher_j_lansberry@hotmail.co.uk
Archivist        Dr David Clark.               01432 860017        marclark47@hotmail.co.uk
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