Well, Wikispaces went down.  Or, at least, free wikispaces went down, and they offered to continue hosting my stuff... if I paid them.

Forget that!  Free site hosting can't be hard to find, can it?  It's been around for the better part of twenty years (although granted, I also lost all my Geocities pages, so I guess you need to pay attention and be willing to be a bit indigent and migratory with your online content.)

But, I figure Google isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  However, rather than simply migrate my old wikispaces file here directly, I thought I'd start over.  Crazy, I know, but maybe I can have a chance to do things a little less organic and chaotic and a little bit more organized and planned this time around.  It also gives me the opportunity to think about my setting, my games, my fiction... are they really shaking up the way I want them to?  Are there things that I want to change?  Things that I've been reluctant to evolve but shouldn't be?

Most certainly, yes.  So, like I said, starting over, merging a number of wikis that I used to maintain.  Notably dwimmerlaik--the "rules" wiki, and modular-DND-setting, the setting wiki for DARK•HERITAGE.  The old darkheritage and darkdnd wikis, which were ancestral, if you will, to the DARK•HERITAGE setting that I have now might even be revisited a bit to see if there's anything of utility to steal back into the setting that got lost in the meantime.  And I'll look over my sister-settings; freeportfan and demonsinthemist, to look for the same.

Because I liked the dwimmerlaik moniker that I used on my rules wiki, I wanted to use that again here, but, of course, it was already in use.  As was fouldwimmerlaik.  Wanting to get the wiki/site started without having to think more about the name, I decided to go for the somewhat punny fowldwimmerlaik, hence the picture of the undead chicken there.

Meanwhile, as the wiki evolves and grows, I'll be updating this main page to let you in on the structure of it, as well as what's happening.  I'm actually a bit excited to stretch my wings (no pun intended) again rather than feel constrained by a bunch of work that I've already done.

This does not mean, however, that I anticipate major upheavals of anything in DARK•HERITAGE.  Rather, I'm merely using this as an opportunity to revisit details that I either have seen fall out of favor, and introduce ideas that I like, but which didn't really fit before.  Much of what this includes will be taken verbatim from other sources, including my blog and archives of my old wikis (which also copies a bunch of content verbatim from the blog anyway.)
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