Waterside C and D 2017

Post date: 18-Apr-2017 12:25:00

Amazing results seen once again at both races from team Fowey, despite the very little flow on the canal.

Waterside C

Fantastic results seen from our senior crews with Dan Palmer and Ryan Pearce placing second and Harry Gilbert and Michael Southey took 4th place. Well done boys! Our junior boys crew also showed an improvement this race and took 3rd place, with Matt gaining his first ever Waterside mug. Our junior ladies, Alice Bray and Zoe Hurrel, had a great event and came first.

We also saw great results from our K1 boats as well. Lena Kraus placed 3rd in the senior ladies, Chloe Dobbs placed 2nd in the junior ladies and Ally Parritt had a good race with no swimming this time.

Waterside D

Outstanding results from all Fowey paddlers once again, with the sun shining for once as well.

Ryan and Dan left their best race until last, winning the senior mens race comfortably and being only 2 minutes of a club PB, despite the lack of flow. Dan and Ryan also took the win for the series. Great work boys! Michael and Harry took 4th place in Waterside D and placed 3rd overall in the series, a great result and allowed harry to improve his previous Waterside D time by over 30 minutes. Matt and Tom placed 2nd in the junior mens waterside D race, and managed to take 1st place for the series by 30mins. Great effort from these two, they should be proud. The Combined times of these three crews gave Fowey the win for the team trophy with a lead of over 2 hours on the next team. This is a fantastic achievement for the club seeming how small our club is compared to others.

Its not just all about the boys though. Alice Bray took on the race with new partner Jemima Young from Wey Canoe club. Despite only paddling together once before and with stability problems from early on in the race, they achieved 1st place in the junior ladies K2 event by 25 minutes. Great work girls!

Lena and Chloe also raced for us this year in K1. Lena places as the 2nd lady in waterside D and for the series, despite suffering with an injury from the previous race. Chloe also placed 2nd in the junior ladies race and series, a fantastic result for such a young and dedicated paddler.

Well done to all of the support crews who rose to the occasion to achieve such fantastic results to make all of this success possible. Also a big thank you to Brian Greenaway without whom this would not be possible.