Looe Fun Race

posted 10 Aug 2017, 10:19 by Emma Riley

Thank you to everyone who attended the Looe Fun Race on Tuesday Night.
Despite the forecasts the sun came out and Looe river was at its best for the annual Fun Canoe Race sponsored by the Purely Cornish Farmshop & Deli.
With the biggest ever entry over 30 competitors competed in a range of craft from ultra fast racing kayaks, double canoes, Stand up Paddle boards and even two Surf Life Saving rescue boards!
The junior class was particularly well attended and all did extremely well to complete a longer course than previous years that took them down under Looe bridge then all the way up to Watergate a distance of over 4Km.
Many thanks to the Safety boats and local Looe businesses (Harveys Fish & Chips, Old Guys rule, Co-op, Black Dog Marine, Jack Bray & Sons).
Lightning Class - 1st Gabriel Taylor 2nd Tom Wilkes 3rd Eithan Hunt
Juniors - 1st Andre Hinves 2nd Annabelle Cabrera
General class - 1st Lawrence Watkins 2nd Gavin Court
Fun Class - 1st Sally Crabb
K1 Senior - 1st Mathew Hinves 2nd Micheal Southey 3rd James Hinves
K2 Senior – Ben and Matt Collinge

Devizes to Westminster 2017

posted 18 Apr 2017, 05:42 by Fowey RiverCC   [ updated 18 Apr 2017, 06:03 ]

So proud of team Fowey this year what great performances from both paddlers and support crews to give Fowey their best overall results this year. With 5 boats entered we achieved a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. We also managed to get two senior crews in the top 5, something that is not often achieved especially not by a club as small as ours, this is something that should be rewarded in its self.

Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race (DW) is a 125 mile long race with 77 portages held annually over the Easter weekend. There is two ways of the completing this ultra-marathon; straight through or in stages. Senior crews in K2’s (doubles) have to complete the challenge in one go paddling straight through the night. Whereas senior K1 boats (singles) complete the race in stages over the 4 days of the Easter bank holiday weekend. Junior K2’s also have to complete the in stages but have an extra challenge of having to camp overnight after each days racing. The DW is a real challenge which requires much preparation and support throughout.

Fowey River Canoe Club entered five boats into this year’s race; 2 senior K2 boats, 2 junior K2 boats, and a senior K1.

Dan Palmer and Ryan Pearce were one of our senior crew boats this year who completed the race straight through with a fantastic time of 18 hours 17 minutes and 8 seconds, taking 3rd place. This was Dan’s first ever straight through race (despite a fantastic history of results in the junior event) so an amazing achievement for such a young paddler. An extra congratulations is needed for Ryan who this year completed his 8th DW race, allowing him to join the 1000 mile club, a fantastic achievement which requires lots of dedication and motivation.

Michael Southey and Harry Gilbert were our other senior crew boat who completed the race in 18 hours 54 minutes and 8 seconds, placing 5th. Well done boys! This was both Mike’s and Harry’s second straight through race and they managed to beat Harrys previous time by over an hour and a half despite the poor conditions this year.

Matthew Collinge and Tom Steer were our youngest paddlers to enter the race and completed the Junior 4 day stages race in a time of 17 hours 42 minutes and 24 seconds, taking 4th in this junior men event. An amazing result for an inexperienced crew. This was Matt’s first DW race and Tom’s second who beat his previous time by nearly 2 hours.

Alice Bray and Wey paddler Jemima Young were our other Junior K2, who completed the stages race in a time of 19 hours 36 minutes and 4 seconds, taking 1st place in the junior ladies race by nearly 2 hours. Such a fantastic result for a crew who have only paddled together a couple of times previously.

Our final boat this year was Lena Kraus who entered into the senior ladies K1 race and completed the stages event with a time of 20 hours 15 minutes and 37 seconds, placing 2nd in this event. Well done Lena for improving your previous time by 1 and a half hours, fantastic work.

Not only did our Fowey paddlers receive some fantastic individual results, we also entered into the trans-class team trophy where the results for the clubs fastest senior double are, junior double and senior single are combined. Fowey won this trophy with by 8 hours a fantastic achievement by Matt, Tom, Ryan, Dan and Lena whose times were combined. Well done everyone.

Once again this would not be possible without the dedication of the whole club in supporting these paddlers throughout the races. Or without the support, dedication or guidance from our coach Brian Greenaway who we would all like to thank. Well done team Fowey!


Above - Fowey Paddlers at Westmister Bridge (from left to right; Lena Kraus, Alice Bray, Jemima Young, Dan Palmer, Ryan Pearce, Harry Gilbert, Tom Steer and Matt Collinge)
Below - Team Fowey 2017 at Westminster Bridge

Senior Crews finish (from left to right; Harry Gilbert, Michael Southey, Dan Palmer and Ryan Pearce)

Waterside C and D 2017

posted 18 Apr 2017, 05:25 by Fowey RiverCC

Amazing results seen once again at both races from team Fowey, despite the very little flow on the canal.

 Waterside C

Fantastic results seen from our senior crews with Dan Palmer and Ryan Pearce placing second and Harry Gilbert and Michael Southey took 4th place. Well done boys! Our junior boys crew also showed an improvement this race and took 3rd place, with Matt gaining his first ever Waterside mug. Our junior ladies, Alice Bray and Zoe Hurrel, had a great event and came first.

We also saw great results from our K1 boats as well. Lena Kraus placed 3rd in the senior ladies, Chloe Dobbs placed 2nd in the junior ladies and Ally Parritt had a good race with no swimming this time.

 Waterside D

Outstanding results from all Fowey paddlers once again, with the sun shining for once as well.

Ryan and Dan left their best race until last, winning the senior mens race comfortably and being only 2 minutes of a club PB, despite the lack of flow. Dan and Ryan also took the win for the series. Great work boys! Michael and Harry took 4th place in Waterside D and placed 3rd overall in the series, a great result and allowed harry to improve his previous Waterside D time by over 30 minutes. Matt and Tom placed 2nd in the junior mens waterside D race, and managed to take 1st place for the series by 30mins. Great effort from these two, they should be proud. The Combined times of these three crews gave Fowey the win for the team trophy with a lead of over 2 hours on the next team. This is a fantastic achievement for the club seeming how small our club is compared to others.

Its not just all about the boys though. Alice Bray took on the race with new partner Jemima Young from Wey Canoe club. Despite only paddling together once before and with stability problems from early on in the race, they achieved 1st place in the junior ladies K2 event by 25 minutes. Great work girls!

Lena and Chloe also raced for us this year in K1. Lena places as the 2nd lady in waterside D and for the series, despite suffering with an injury from the previous race. Chloe also placed 2nd in the junior ladies race and series, a fantastic result for such a young and dedicated paddler.


Well done to all of the support crews who rose to the occasion to achieve such fantastic results to make all of this success possible. Also a big thank you to Brian Greenaway without whom this would not be possible.


Waterside A and B 2017

posted 6 Mar 2017, 04:35 by Fowey RiverCC

It's that time of year again! 

Many of our paddlers at Fowey River Canoe Club have been taking part in the first two (of four) races in the Waterside series. After the first two races the club has seen some great overall series results. 

We have two crews in the senior men K2 category, the first of which is Dan Palmer and Ryan Pearce who are currently coming third in the series with a time of 04:11:42. Our other senior crew is Michael Southey and Harry Gilbert who are currently placed sixth with a time of 04:16:09. Well done all. In the junior men K2 race we only have one crew this year, Matthew Collinge and Thomas Steer, who are doing extremely well and are currently placed first for the series with a time of 04:33:50. Great Work!

It's not just all about the boys this year, we also have a few of the ladies from the club who have entered the races. This year we have a junior ladies crew of Alice Bray and Zoe Hurrell (a paddler from Addlestone canoe club) who are currently first in the series, with the next junior ladies crew 40 minutes behind them. Alice and Zoe have a current series time of 04:55:30, great work girls. Chloe Dobbs has entered the series in K1 this year and is doing well with a current time of 06:09:35, she is currently coming third in the junior ladies race. That's not it for the girls as we also have Lena Kraus who has entered the series in K1 and is currently placed second in the senior ladies race, with a time of 05:21:56. Well done all and good luck for the next two races in the series.

Some of our club members have not entered the series but have also had some great results for the club. 

John Edyvean has had some partner changes but came seventh in the mixed K2 race with Emma Riley at Waterside A. John also came fourteenth in the senior mens K2 race with Steve Riley at Waterside B. Which was a good result seeing as this is the first time the have paddled together. Benji Cabrera is our youngest paddler to enter the race this year, only 12 on the day of the race, he had a good result with a time of 02:29:26 at Waterside A. Well done Benji a great result for your first ever Waterside race. Last but not least, well done to Ally Parritt who despite swimming four times also completed her first ever Waterside race yesterday at Waterside B. Well done Ally!

Congratulations to all the paddlers who entered the first two races and good luck to all of the paddlers and support crews entering Waterside C and D.

From left to right:
Top - Lena Kraus, Alice Bray and Zoe Hurrell, Chloe Dobbs
Middle - Matthew Collinge and Tom Steer, Ryan Pearce and Dan Palmer, Michael Southey and Harry Gilbert
Bottom - Ally Parritt, John Edyvean and Emma Riley, Benji Cabrera 

Young Volunteer Award

posted 5 Oct 2016, 12:15 by Fowey RiverCC   [ updated 5 Oct 2016, 12:16 ]

Congratulations to Dan Palmer who last weekend was awarded the Young Volunteer Award from British Canoeing South West. 

Dan has been an active member of Fowey River Canoe Club for many years and is a keen marathon racer. Dan has been seen to represent his club personally and has had many great achievements, For example winning the junior doubles twice and the mixed junior doubles twice at the Devizes to Westminster race, and he also represented Great Britain as a junior at the French National Marathon Kayaking Championships. 

Dan has helped to encourage all club members to exceed their own expectations. He also shows great enthusiasm, dedication and energy towards the sport and to Fowey River Canoe Club. He regularly coaches new members of the club and helps to coach junior paddlers into becoming successful racers, whilst also supporting his peers and older members of the club during training sessions and races.

Fowey River Canoe Club would like to thank Dan for his long term commitment, dedication and support and would like to further congratulate him for his well deserved award.

Dan Palmer (left) pictured here with Ian White, another award winner who was recognised for his impact on disability canoeing

Gloucester Hasler 2016

posted 5 Oct 2016, 11:59 by Fowey RiverCC

Well done to all our paddlers ho attended the Gloucester race last weekend, another very successful race with the club placing fourth overall for Hasler points.

In division Dan Palmer had a good second place with a time inside the nominal promotion time for division 1. Matt Collinge raced his first ever division 2 race and placed third, being the fastest overall junior paddler. Michael Southey (also division 2) placed fifth. In division 3 Ryan Pearce and Steve Riley placed fifth and sixth respectively. Congratulations to Tom Steer who despite falling in came second in division 4 and earned himself a promotion to division 3. Harry Gilbert (also division 4) placed ninth. Many of our paddlers raced in division 5 with Alice Bray coming third, Brian Greenaway coming sixth, James Asser coming eleventh and Martyn Collinge coming thirteenth, well done all. Chloe Dobbs also had a good race coming fifth in her first division 6 race, with all the paddlers above her being promoted and nearly earning promotion herself. Emma Riley (also division 6) placed 14th. In division 7 Ben Crawley also earned himself a promotion after coming fourth. Caity Irwin placed 16th, also in division 7.

Well done again to all our paddlers and good luck for our own Fowey Hasler race in a couple of weeks

Photo Credit: Susan Bray

Totnes Hasler Race 2016

posted 19 Sep 2016, 12:40 by Fowey RiverCC

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Exeter Canoe club for hosting the first race of the 2016/17 season, and a big well done to all Fowey paddlers for their amazing results last weekend.

It was almost medals all round with Dan Palmer placing 1st and Michael Southey placing 3rd for division 2. In division 3 Matt Collinge took first place and earned himself a promotion to division 2. Ryan Pearce placed 3rd and Steve Riley 4th (Both also in div 3). In division 4 Thomas Steer took 1st place with Harry Gilbert close behind in 2nd. Martyn Collinge and Alice Bray also did very well (1st and 3rd place respectively) in division 5. More promotions were seen for Brian Greenaway and James Asser who both did very well i division 6 last weekend (2nd and 3rd respectively). Caity Irwin came third in division 8 and also warned herself a promotion to division 7.

Well done to all of our paddlers (including the ones not mentioned above) and thanks to all of your tremendous achievements Fowey River CC came first for overall club points. Lets try and keep this up for the rest of the season, and good luck to everyone for the Hasler Finals next weekend.

Photo Credit; Susan Bray and Jo Gilbert 

Devizes to Westminster 2016

posted 3 Apr 2016, 11:47 by Fowey RiverCC

Fowey River Canoe Club once again saw great success at the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster Race over the Easter weekend. The club entered four boats into the race this year, three of which took part in the four day stages event and one crew who took part in the senior doubles straight through event. Many of our club members also took part in the race by supporting these crews along the 125 mile course. Unfortunately the fourth day of the stages event had to be cancelled, due to storm Katy, this is the first time in the races history that this has ever happened. Despite this Fowey River Canoe Club paddlers still did extremely well and achieved some fantastic results individually and as a Group, achieving the Trans Team Trophy for the fasted senior doubles and single time and the fasted junior doubles time.

The club entered two junior K2 boats into the four day stages race, the first of which being Dan Palmer and Bronte Holden who placed 1st in the junior mixed doubles, and second overall for the juniors with a time of 15:03:49, only 28 seconds behind first. This is an amazing achievement for a mixed crew to place so highly in the junior doubles class, and a fantastic win by over 2 hours in the mixed junior class. Alice Bray and Thomas Steer were also entered into the junior doubles class, and in their very first DW race placed 3rd in the Junior Mixed Class and 14th overall in the junior class, with a time of 17:34:42, a great achievement.

The club also entered two senior boats into the race. The first of which was Michael Southey who was entered into the four day stages event in the Senior K1 category, and achieved a fantastic time of 14:40:01, placing 2nd overall in the singles race. If the fourth day had not been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions Mike would have likely achieved a new time record for a Fowey K1 paddler. The final crew entered into the race this year was Harry Gilbert and Ryan Pearce who were entered into the straight through senior doubles race and raced well above expectations, coming 7th and reached Westminster in a time of 20:23:14, a brilliant result for a new crew who only got together a couple of weeks before.

I hope everyone takes great pride in their accomplishments over the Easter weekend and want to say a big thank you to all of the members of our club who got involved with support over the weekend and to our coach Brian Greenaway, without his guidance and dedication these results would not be possible.

Photo Credits; James Asser, Ashleigh Rowe, Mike Rees Clark, Susan Bray, Jo Palmer.

Waterside D 2016

posted 15 Mar 2016, 12:03 by Fowey RiverCC   [ updated 15 Mar 2016, 15:16 ]

Once again the weekend saw fantastic results for Fowey River Canoe Club, at the fourth and final race of the 2016 Waterside series. The Club entered eight paddlers into the 34 mile race from Devizes to Newbury, and many more of our club members got involved to help support.

The club entered two junior boats into the event, the first of which was Dan Palmer and Bronte Holden who were placed 2nd in the junior men’s K2 event last weekend with a time of 5:00:58 breaking the junior mixed record by 20 minutes. This led to them having a fantastic victory of winning the junior men’s K2 series event, 2 hours ahead of the next crew. This was also the first time this series class has been won by a mixed crew, and also saw Dan Palmer being the 1st ever junior to win the Waterside series 3 years in a row. The second junior crew entered into the race was Alice Bray and Thomas Steer who have shown great improvement throughout the series and at the weekend came 4th in the senior mixed doubles event with a time of 6:11:53. This achievement meant that they were placed 5th overall in the series. Fantastic results from all our junior paddlers.

Our senior boats also achieved great results over the weekend. Firstly two of our senior paddlers Ryan Pearce and Harry Gilbert paddled for their first ever race together, and came 5th in the senior men’s K2 category with a time of 5:28:51. Unfortunately due to the tough conditions of the race and an injury, Steve Riley was unable to finish the race. Michael Southey another senior paddler at the club placed 5th last Sunday in the senior K1 event with a time of 5:01:54. This success enabled Michael to achieve 3rd place overall for the entire series, an amazing achievement. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Brian Greenaway for his fantastic coaching and guidance, and to all of the club members who helped with supporting the paddlers over the event, without whom these achievements would not be possible. Also a final well done to all of our paddlers for their hard work throughout the past few months and good luck in the 125 mile Devizes to Westminster race at Easter.

Photo Credit: Lucy Palmer, Jo Palmer and Fred Taylor

Waterside C

posted 3 Mar 2016, 10:25 by Fowey RiverCC

Well done again to all of the paddlers and support crews for their achievements at Waterside C last weekend. The conditions last weekend were even colder than the last two watersides with very strong, cold winds which only increased throughout the day.

We entered three junior K2s into the race once again. The first of which being Dan Palmer and Bronte Holden who came third in the junior mens race with a time of 3:23:44, despite being a mixed crew. They are still first overall in the series, and broke the junior mixed record for this race by 14 mins, so a superb result. Alice Bray and Tom Steer have continued to show great improvement throughout the series. This week they have moved up four places in the senior mixed k2 category and came in sixth with a time of 3:56:56. Our last junior boat is Caity Irwin and Chloe Dobbs, unfortunately due to a shoulder injury Caity was forced to retire but luckily ex-Fowey paddler Connor Peters was there to jump in the boat with Chloe and finish the race, thanks Connor.

Once again we also entered five senior K1s into the race as well. Michael Southey achieved an amazing time of 3:19:44 achieving a personal best and placing third in the senior mens k1 category and is now placed fourth for the series, a great result. Steve Riley also achieved a personal best for the race with a time of 3:47:46 and coming in eighth. Harry Gilbert is continuing to improve, and with no paddle related issues this week, achieved a time of 4:01:46 coming in tenth. Ryan Pearce our final senior men paddler unfortunately had to retire due to the tough conditions. The final Fowey entrant was James Asser who with a time of 4:19:04 came in fourteenth for the Veteran class but still third in the Masters.

Well done to all our paddlers for their amazing results this week, everyone is improving and doing so well. Also a big thank you to all the support crew, without whom these fantastic results would not be possible. Good luck everyone for Waterside D, lets hope it’s a little warmer.

Photo credit: Jo Palmer, Susan Bray, Fred Taylor and Poppy Taylor

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