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The Fair Oaks Village Story

Nestled among the oaks along the banks of the American River rises the Fair Oaks Village, California.

From its development in the early years of the last century, Fair Oaks Village has been known for good living, active commerce, and strong community.  The Fair Oaks Village has been the heart of Fair Oaks ever since development started in 1895, a hub of community and commerce since the early 1900's and still a quiet rural hub as late as the 1950's. With the new Sunrise Blvd. bridge, commute traffic skirted the village allowing it to blend the charm of community with the  bustle of commerce, the flourish of  performing and visual arts, the use and enjoyment of public spaces and the celebration of festivals and farmers markets.

To build upon the founding spirit and the many investments made in Fair Oaks Village, an initiative is taking shape to increase the vibrancy and prosperity of our community while devoting attention to reduce the concerns that impact the quality of our daily lives.  

Please support and join in with this effort to define and form a Property and Business Improvement District, often simply referred to as a "P-Bid," to focus attention and efforts toward enhancing the Fair Oaks Village - the heart of our community.  This website offers detail and background on the effectiveness of improvement districts and their success nationally as well as full detail on what we seek to accomplish in the formation of such a district for Fair Oaks.

Information will be added and updated as we progress.  

Initiative Steering Committee
  • Greg Vincent , Local Developer, Chair
  • Daneece Fraizer, Local Business Owner - EJ's Little People
  • Dana Woodworker, Long time Fair Oaks Resident
  • Becky Lund, Lyon & Associates Realty
  • Nan Danford, Local Business Owner -
  • Barry Brown, Retired,  Active in Fair Oaks community programs
  • David Hill, Local Property & Business Owner - BBQ Pro
  • Melinda Krug, Local Business Owner -
  • Michael Adams, Slocum House Property

Property & Business Improvement District (PBID)
Community Information Meeting
Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 6PM
Brew Pub