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 ... discusses the steps necessary to become certified as a Delta Society Pet Partner


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1.  Take the Pet Partners Team Training Course.  You may fulfill this requirement by either taking this dynamic and informative workshop (8 hours) or ordering the easy to read Pet Partners Team Training Course (home study).

2.  You and your pet must be evaluated by a licensed Pet Partners Evaluator.  This evaluation takes about a half-hour.  The goal of the evaluation is to assure that you and your animal have the skills to visit safely in health care facilities and that this is a 'job' that your animal will enjoy.  You may access a list of licensed Pet Partners Evaluators at

The Pet Partners evaluation includes a skills test and an aptitude test.  Specific descriptions of the elements of each of these are available at Delta Society.

3.  Your pet must be in good health.  After you successfully complete your evaluation you must have your veterinarian examine your animal.  For more information on health requirements, visit

4.  Submit the completed registration paperwork (from the Pet Partners Team Training manual) to Delta Society (

What if I don't have a pet right now?

You may take the Pet Partners Team Training (either as a workshop or by home study), complete the take home test (in the training manual) and register as a Pet Partner without an animal.  This allows you to assist visiting teams (animal and handler) in their work.  Individuals who register as a Pet Partner without an animal are very helpful during visits.  They assist the handler in assuring the animal's safety during the visit and help with the work with clients. 

Advantages of registration as a Delta Society Pet Partner

Registration as a Delta Society Pet Partner assures that you have the special skills and tools to share your pet effectively with others. 

The Pet Partners registration covers two years of official registered membership, an identification tag, a tag for your pet, primary liability insurance (while volunteering with your pet) and Interactions, Delta's quarterly magazine.