3- Phd Seminar

We organize a phd seminar the monday (10h-10h50) before the Game theory Seminar in the IHP.

Please contact me (fournier.gtn at gmail.com) if you want to be on the mailing list or if you want to talk.

Here is the program for 2015/2016

13/10: Mehmet ISMAIL "Maximin equilibrium"

27/10: Stéphane GONZALEZ "Autonomous Coalitions"

03/11: Xiaoxi LI  "Generalized limit value in optimal control"

17/11: Olivier BEAUDE "Application des jeux composites à la charge des véhicules électriques"

24/11: Anisse ISMAILI "Efficacité des équilibres en théorie des jeux multi-objectifs"

15/12: Nikos PNEVMATIKOS "Uniformity and games decomposition"

02/02: Nadia MAAGLI "Bargaining over a common categorisation"

09/02: Thomas RIVERA "Implementation with Less Communication: Mediated Cheap Talk with Restricted Private Communication"

02/03: Lorenzo BASTIANELLO "A target-based rationale for cooperative bargaining solutions "

09/03: Benjamin HEYMANN "Mechanism Design for Pricing in Electricity Markets"

16/03: Stéphane GONZALEZ "Axiomatization of pairwise stability" 

23/03: Saeed HADIKHANLOO "Mean field games and its learning aspecs"

30/03: Joon KWON "Approchabilité: une nouvelle approche"

04/05: Gaëtan FOURNIER "Open problem in location games"

11/05: Nathanael FIJALKOW "How we use games in Computer Science: A non technical survey"

18/05: Giulia CESARI "Cooperative games on Networks"

25/05: Férié

01/06: Mathieu LAURIERE "Meanfield Games and Mean field Control"
08/06: Tristan GARREC "On the operator approach in repeated games"

15/06: Nikos PNEVMATIKOS "Asymptotic value in frequency dependent games"