Baked Potato Soup

Scrumptious Baked Potato Soup

7-8 small to medium size potatoes 

1 clove garlic

1 small onion

4 strips of bacon

3 tablespoons of flour

1/2 t. dried basil

1 t. pepper

1 t. salt

3 cups chicken broth

1 cup half-and-half cream

1/2 t. hot pepper sauce

Shredded Cheddar cheese

Start with your potatoes. Bake them in the oven as you would a baked potato. Set aside and let cool.

In a large saucepan, cook bacon until crisp. Drain, reserve 1 tablespoon drippings. Set bacon aside.

Saute onion and garlic in drippings until tender.

Stir in flour, salt, basil and pepper; mix well.

Gradually add broth.

Bring to a boil; boil and stir for 2 minutes.

Peel and Cut up your potatoes

(while your letting your broth come to a boil)

Add the potatoes, cream and hot pepper sauce.

Heat through but do not boil.

Garnish with bacon and cheese!

(the Best part ever)