The services which I am providing are fertilizing and Weed control on residential and commercial lawns.

The basic service is a five treatment program:

This includes a well balanced, seasonal, slow release fertilizer in each application

At least one blanket spray for weeds in the spring time along with crab grass pre-emergent

Weed control in the summer is on "as needed basis"

    Some lawns will need additional blanket sprays for weeds, others will only need the weeds to be "spot-sprayed".

A mid-season, above ground, insect control will be applied in the Late June/Early July applictaion

The final application will be a, seasonally, balanced fall fertalizer plus a weed spot spray as needed

*Post-emergent crabgrass applicatations will be offered to all full 5 step program and 4 step program customers upon request.

    Though this is the basic lawn service, I will provide you with any applications that you want.  If you don't want all 5 at a prorated price.

I will also be providing Grub control (preventative, and contact) control at an additional cost.

I can also provide "biting" insect control and tree and shrub pest control, at additional cost, at the request of the customer.