About Four Lakes Lawn Care

I, Donnie Henry ,formed Four Lakes Lawn Care to provide property owners in the Madison area and it's surrounding communities with superior lawn care using fantastic products and providing great customer service at the same time.  I am the only employee of Four Lakes Lawn Care, so you will always know who is on your lawn, and will always know that it is being done correctly.  Also, if you ever have questions or concerns about your lawn or the service you will be talking directly to me, no middle man or front office staff, so your concerns will be addressed directly without question or misunderstanding.  Plus, if there is ever an issue, I will be able to fix the problem or answer any question on a more timely basis than most other companies, for the most part the same day or the day after your contact.  Finally, with Four Lakes Lawn Care, your lawn will be treated independently, not as just another lawn in a bulk lawn care system.