Welcome to my pet project. This originally began as a quest to categorize and organize my research for fountain pens and inks. No doubt others have raised the same questions that I have. Thus, I've opened it up to the public.

Other people have, in greater degrees of eloquence, time, research, and talent, done some things that I can't do. Thus, I've listed helpful links where it is appropriate to do so in addition to an index of general links.

As the mess and disorganization shows, this wiki is under construction. =)
Suggestions? Questions? Comments? Irked-ness? Feel free to contact me about anything via The Fountain Pen Network or a message.

Fundamentals Mission Statement:

The Fundamentals of Fountain Pens and Inks website exists to:
  • Educate and inform people about fountain pens and inks
  • Collect a comprehensive body of knowledge on said subject in an organized matter, so that any individual can learn easily and without obstacle
  • Direct to fine pen and ink websites