Step 1: Find a portrait of your founder

Find a profile picture for your Founding Father using the Creative Commons Google Search engine:

Make sure the picture is actually of your founder! Sometimes online searching doesn't work!

Step 2: Add the portrait to your profile page

  1. Click on the portrait and hold down the mouse pad.
  2. Then drag the image up into the browser tab that contains your FounderBook page.
  3. The FounderBook page will open. Position your new portrait where it belongs on the profile page and let go of the mouse pad.
  4. Delete the place holder portrait by clicking it and the clicking the "X" that appears.

Step 3: Complete your founder's personal information

Once you have chosen a profile picture, complete the personal information fields:
  • Full Name:
  • Current City of Residence:
  • State of Representation: 
  • Gender:
  • Birthday:
  • Relationship Status: Single or Married
  • Current Occupation(s):
  • Prior Experience:
  • Character Traits:
  • Political views (Federalist/State Rights):
  • People who inspire you:
  • Favorite book: 
  • Activities (what do you like to do?): 
  • Other interesting facts about me:


Databases and books

Speak Like A Founding Father Resources

Step 4: Write blog posts about your experience at the convention

You create a post by clicking "Add Post" on the bottom of your Founder page.

Write 3-8 posts (using the first person) that your historical figure would have written during the Philadelphia Convention. Include specific information about:

  • What is the Constitution?
  • What were the rules that made the Constitutional Convention a success?
  • What were the two sides at the Convention?
  • Who did both sides admire and why?
  • What was your Founder's role at the convention?
  • What was the Great Compromise and how did your Founder fell about it?

Write the posts AS your Founding Father. The posts must include SPECIFIC facts from your research.  The posts must be relevant to the events of the time period and include about SPECIFIC information about your Founders role in the Constitutional Convention or what your Founder was doing at the time of the convention. Use this "Speak Like a Founding Father" guide to help you use language that your founding father might have used.


George Washington

Post: Today, July 3, 1775, the Second Continental Congress has decided to name me Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. I have some serious reservations about this position. I believe I was chosen to lead because I am a Virginian and it is hoped I can unite these colonies.  Also, because of my experience in the French and Indian War and my reputation as an honest man.  However, I don't know if I can lead these ill-trained troops of farmers and countrymen.  Can we hope to win a war with the greatest army and power on earth, Great Britain? Alas, I fear I may not be the leader we need to win a war and our freedom against Britain and many agree with me. I will have to prove these naysayers and myself wrong!

Step 5: Comment on the posts of the other founders at the convention

Visit the posts of the other founders in your convention.  Post comments on their posts from the perspective of your founder.  Be sure to introduce yourself in your post. For example, "Ben Franklin here, I respectfully disagree with you because..."