International Foundation Saint Mother Teresa

The foundation “International Foundation Saint Mother Teresa” has been founded by Dr. Paulin Rranzi. The foundation is an institution established by the free will of its founder without any profitable purposes. It is a non-governmental and independent institution that operates in Albania, the Balkans and in many countries of the world, by following the best traditions and the wonderful  experience of Saint Mother Teresa as a benefactor, supporter and protector of the orphans and the social classes in need and in extreme poverty. The foundation headquarter is located in Tirana, Albania. The foundation conducts its activity without restraints all over the territory of the Republic of Albania and outside of its territory. So, the foundation has its branches in every administrative-territorial unit of Albania and in many other countries of the world as well.

The foundation’s activity is extended in many fields of life. It has some objectives:

The education of all age groups for the protection of health, as part of the improvement of life quality.

The collection of data, information and statistics related to public health and the drafting of studies and scientific research in the field of family planning.

Solicitude for the handicapped children by taking them under custody.

Assistance for the paraplegics and quadriplegics.

Solicitude for the orphans, the widows, etc.

Help and consultation for the families with celiac children.

Trainings for women for family planning.

Training for the hygiene and fight against diseases, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Social work such as in prisons, schools, kindergarten.

Lobbying, intermediation, consultation and social, technical and organizational support of governmental and non-governmental Albanian and foreign institutions inside and outside of Albania.

The aim of the foundation will be fulfilled through:

The establishment of rehabilitation and recreation centers, centers that offer psychological help and medical assistance.

The creation centers for the leaders and worshipers of all religious beliefs.

The training conferences for specialists who work with contingents of people such as the unemployed, trafficked females and children, those who are in danger, etc.

The setting-up of holiday camps for families, youths and children in need.

The organization of campaigns for the informing in the community related to contagious, infective diseases, sexually transmittable diseases, HIV/AIDS, narcotic substances (drugs and alcohol), etc. is one of the priorities of this foundation.

The import of humanitarian endowments and their distribution to the categories of people in need.

The different investments for state institutions such as schools, kindergartens, asylums, hospitals, town halls and municipalities.

The accumulation of different material or monetary endowments from different countries of the world.

So, the Foundation “International Foundation Saint Mother Teresa” is an international institution that works to help the people in need and also extols more the figure of the great Albanian, Saint Mother Teresa, who was born in Albania, grow up there and was transformed into a saint in India and with her arms of an angel she enfolded the whole world, with the wish to donate only Peace.

Dr. Madhu Krishan