Each individual has the innate capacity for vibrant life.
Foundational Healthcare works to restore & support the foundations
for optimum health.

Because good health facilitates human excellence.

How does it work?

For the intelligence within each of us to be fully expressed, information about and in response to the world is controlled & coordinated by the Central Nervous System and the Energetic System.

A myriad of dimensions affect the optimum function of these systems, including Chemistry, Movement, Energetics and Psychoneurophysiology.

  • Chemistry includes nutrition & diet, environment and non-food substances (medications, personal care products etc)
  • Movement includes biomechanics (at individual joints & globally), exercise, flexibility, strength, posture and functional movement
  • Energetics includes color environment, sound environment and
    the energy of your space (feng shui)
  • Psychoneurophysiology includes emotional reality, sense of purpose
    and sense of connection (socially, with nature, and with the Universe / Great Mystery)
Foundational Healthcare works to examine the foundations for imbalances, and create a plan to restore balance - and keep it that way. The idea is that when one’s foundations are strong, the self-healing & self-regulating capacity of the body will move toward balance, health & optimum function. 

"What the world needs is people who have come alive." -H. Thurman