Welcome to the website of Daryl Fougnie's laboratory at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Despite our sophisticated brains with immense processing capacity there are strong capacity limits in what we can perceive, attend to, and remember about the world. Research in the Fougnie lab attempts to characterize and understand the nature of these limits. The current focus of the lab is on visual attention and visual working memory processes. Our work addresses questions that include:
- What is the underlying source of capacity limits?
- Do limitations in memory and attention arise from distinct or common sources?
- What is the nature of the representations that guide attention and memory?

The Fougnie lab approaches these questions primarily through a mixture of psychophysics and computational modeling.

Student research
The Fougnie Lab encourages undergraduates interested in gaining some research experience to contact Daryl at darylfougnie@nyu.edu to discuss how to get involved!

Open positions
Individuals interested in joining the Fougnie lab should contact darylfougnie@nyu.edu

Lab News

• Garry Kong and Daryl Fougnie have a paper titled “Visual search within working memory” in press at JEPG.

• Daryl and colleagues have a new paper "Looking Inward and Back: Real-Time Monitoring of Visual Working Memories" just published in JEP:LMC

• Garry Kong joined the lab as a postdoc researcher. He will move to NYUAD in January. 

• Daryl and colleagues have a new paper "Strategic trade-offs between quality and quantity in working memory" in press at JEP:HPP

• Daryl and colleagues have a paper titled “Winter is coming: How humans forage in a temporally structured environment” in press at JOV.

• Daryl Fougnie was awarded an NYUAD Research Enhancement Fund 

• Aire Raidvee joined the lab as a postdoc researcher. Welcome Aire!

• Alex Burmester joined the lab as a postdoc researcher. Welcome Alex!

• Maiji Honig (a Fougnie Lab collaborater) was awarded a Dean's Undergraduate Research Fund Grant (NYU) for summer 2015. 

• Alex Burmester and Aire Raidvee will join the lab as Postdocs in May 2015

• Daryl Fougnie will be at NYU for the 2014-2015 academic year