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How to get a reading by e-mail:

Simply send your questions to me (up to a maximum of 3 questions at a time) using the following e-mail address: foucault.tarot@gmail.com. I'll reply with the tarot cards I pulled out for you for each question, and the messages I saw in the cards. That's really all there is to it!


You can pay me by PayPal or by check. I don't have a set fee; you can pay me what you think is appropriate, within your means, for the service you received. I'll include details in the e-mail.

Your Questions

I find that tarot works well to find answers to questions about you; it doesn't work well answering questions about others, or about random events. So examples of good questions are "What is the best I can do with regards to my relationship with my boss?" or "What will need to happen in order for me to see some romance in my life?" 

Tarot is not good with specific timing, so rather than asking when something is going to happen, it's best to ask what the best thing is that you can do in order to make something happen. 

I can also do a general reading for you, or a reading with a particular theme, such as "Love." 

I'll always try to help you find the best wording for your questions, however, so don't worry too much about it.

If my reading prompts new questions from you, we can explore those further too.