Adilade's Wedding

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Adilade was William H. Johnson's daughter.  Her wedding to Frank E. Kilpatrick was held in New Brunswick at the First Reformed Church.  The reception following was held at The William H. Johnson House.  See the attached article published in the Daily Times of New Brunswick on October 30, 1885 that announces this.  The article is titled "Kilpatrick Johnson" and appears around the middle of the page.  It details the various attendees and other information about the event.  Please note that the article indicates that the house is at 64 Welton Street.  Some time between this event in 1885, and the 1900 Census, the street was re-numbered and the house became 52 Welton Street.
Frank E. Kilpatrick seemed to be a real "up and comer" if we judge by the fact that he made it in to the History and Commerce of New York 1891 volume, on page 118 (
If you are wondering what happened to Frank, see the file attached titled "Kilpatrick Troubles" which is an article that appeared in the Daily Times on May 9, 1903 (column 3, near the top).

The Daily Times was aprominent newspaper in Johnson's time.  The New Brunswick Free Public Library has recently created a searchable database of the paper.  Articles were discovered using that archive at:

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