BLOGARJONA Fotos, la bitacora dedicada al artista de Guatemala, Ricardo Arjona 

Ricardo Arjona was born  19 January 1964, Antigua, Guatemala. This singer-songwriter broke into the upper regions of the Latin American charts in the late 90s with a series of well-received and often controversial albums. Arjona was born and raised in rural Guatemala, and he stayed close to his roots when, after attending college, he chose to become a teacher in a remote region of the country.

In marked contrast, his next career move was to enter the relatively glamorous world of professional basketball,  and he rose quickly through the ranks to play for the national team. During his period as a professional sportsman, Arjona learned to play guitar and began writing and performing his own songs,
making a particular impression on the festival circuit as a stridently political artist. 


He launched a music career in the mid-80s, recording two albums of straightforward Latin pop for the Dideca (Discos de Centro America) label. His fortunes blossomed after he relocated to Mexico City and signed a new recording contract with Sony Latin Music.

Arjona made his debut for the label in 1993 with Animal Nocturno, that included two classic songs, "Mujeres" and "Jesus Verbo No Sustantivo".  The album marked a new development in Arjona's songwriting, with an interest in social and political issues replacing the lightweight pop sentiments of his 80s material. By the late 90s and early 00s, despite arousing controversy through his criticisms of political and religious institutions, Arjona's music was regularly topping charts throughout Latin America.