My main photo gallery is: peterf.smugmug.com
I am former wrestling photographer. Now I am sumo and other martial arts/sports photographer (for example - judo). I am an amateur. From time to time I make photos other martial sports/arts (especially judo, Koluchstyl, ju-jitsu, wrestling and other kinds of grappling etc.) or similar sports activities with ball too (especially rugby).
I live in Poland and make sports digital photos here.
It is my hobby and a kind of activity during my free time.
I am lawyer and I live and work in Cracow (Poland, Central Europe).

Contact: e-mail: peredhel [anti-spam] @wp.pl

My pictures are used by many organizations - for example by:  International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, Polish Wrestling Federation, Polish Sumo Federation, Polish Association of Rugby, Polish Ju-Jitsu Association, Polish Muaythai Federation, Deutscher Ringer-Bund, varied sports clubs (for example: judo clubs), BJJPix.com etc. .