P a u l F o s t e r (aka Pawl Wheel)

With lyrics that are quirky, smart and mildly irreverent, Paul Foster’s music catches you unaware then beckons you down paths that are familiar but cast in a brighter light. Through his music Foster poetically nails the sort of stuff that the rest of us know to be true but can’t quite put into words. With a strong voice and equally strong message, Paul’s music leaves you thoroughly satisfied and anxiously awaiting more. Pauls’ recent and first CD, "Photographs, Epitaphs & Frosted Glass", is a great first course.

Sara Brosman

Delphi Public Library Adult Services Librarian


Rock-a-Bye Sweet Baby James


Paul Foster is ...

Originally from the St. Louis area, Paul Foster has lived in Indiana for the last several years.  Contact Paul if you're interested in taking music lessons, for solo work, a duet or a small group.
Check the Calendar link to find where to hear Paul live.  Send him an email if you're interested in getting a copy of his latest CD "Photographs, Epitaphs & Frosted Glass."

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