Welcome to the working site for the Board of Directors of the Foster Care Council of Canada. This site allows the directors and volunteer staff to conduct and organize their work in a transparent and accountable manner which permits the public, organizations, agencies, professionals, and our supporters to monitor what we are doing and how.

Vision Statement:
It is our vision that child welfare services across Canada will make readily-available the tools and information required by children and youth to easily and effectively advocate for themselves without experiencing active or passive resistance from their child welfare service providers.

Mission Statement:
It is our mission to involve current and former foster children and their supporters in the process of improving the transparency and accountability of child welfare services across Canada through a strong, united voice.

We strive to inform Canadians of important child welfare related issues and to involve them in the process of advocating for changes by:

  • launching public awareness campaigns

  • conducting research and reporting our findings to our members, government officials, professionals, and the public

  • providing peer support and resources to our members

  • endorsing, intervening in, or initiating legal action where it is deemed necessary, appropriate, and possible to do in the public interest