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This is a fairly common carboniferous coral found right along the coast from Sewerby to the Holderness beaches though good specimens are rare. the fossils appear as white spots or lines, which are set in a black to gray stone sometimes the spots can be highly detail with internal structure. Commonly they are badly weathered occasionally to an orange or red colour or even to the point where only holes are left. The specimen shown is exceptionally polished for this type of fossil normally they are much rougher and more weathered.


Like all corals they would have grown on the sea bed.


These fossils apparently come from the carboniferous 350-300 MYA the Coral‘s order appeared at the start of the Ordovician 488 MYA and died out sometime in the early Triassic.


Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Cnidaria

Class Rugosa

Order Stauriida

Family Lithostroionidae

Genus Lithostrotion