Welcome To Our Website!

Hi  i'm Barry owner of Fosmo Concrete we  strive on  working with the  customer needs and preform a  quality job for them We  have trained employees  with  years of experience  We  offer a  complete range of concrete related services . Flatwork  foundations ,retaining walls, steps,driveways and patios .Smooth finishes with  color or stains  . Broom finish  like a sidewalk  finish , exposed rock finish  and stamped concrete . We also  offer digging , grading , demo and waterproofing and drainage service . We also repair foundations and slabs  that need repair and are leaking  water  like into basements  . One thing we do  to save you money is to  resurface concrete like driveways and sidewalks  to make them look like new again, instead  tearing them out and replacing  . We  always try to save you  money if we can  . 


What Makes Us Unique

We care for you by  always trying to  save you  money if we can by  going  the  cheapest  but the best way to get the project done .  We also  think about  your place and try not to leave a big  mess .  Concrete is a very mess job  .