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About FOS 4

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Foundations of Science 4
FOS 4 is a lab-based, hands-on class where students are responsible for understanding material through experiential learning and witnessing physical phenomena.  The semesters are divided into several units where each is centered on an important physical principal or topic that can be described using graphs, equations, words and diagrams.  Units begin with a student-designed lab activity that explores topics of interest.  Concepts covered in labs are reinforced through discussion, lecture, mathematical representations, and more labs!  Students will also be asked to complete projects.

What can I find here?
This site contains important announcements and the course's weekly agendas that include links to lectures, homework, and classwork.  Please make sure you check the website regularly, especially if your are absent from class!

Class Announcements
  • Please make sure you have access to a scientific calculator at home and at school for this course.  See me or Katy in the main office if you need help checking one out!