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FOS 3 Weekly Agenda

First Semester 2018  

Week 15

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TPass the Salt Lab Day
HW: Study for the Unit 4 Test. 
 W/ThSalt Synthesis Lab Write-Up Day
- Lab Report Template
Get the results of the "Pass the Salt" lab and work on the lab write-up. 
- Entropy Table
HW: Review Guide- and Key. Unit 4 Test Friday. Heats of Reaction and Reaction Rates/Equilibrium.
 FUnit 4 Test: Ch.11 (Heats of Reaction), Ch.19 (Collision Theory, Equilibrium & Le Chatelier, and Spontaneous Rxns)HW: None. 
Week 14

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TReview 19.3: Spontaneous Reactions. 
- Pass the Salt Lab Intro
- Exploring Entropy
- Pass the Salt Lab Worksheet.
- Get your lab procedure approved and work on the write-up. 
HW: Work on your background research and procedure for Salt Synthesis Lab. 
 W/ThSalt Synthesis Research Day
- Heats of Formation Table
Must get procedure approved and written out. HW: Review Guide- Unit 4 Test next Friday. Heats of Reaction and Reaction Rates/Equilibrium.
 FReview Day for Unit 4 Test Be ready to run your procedure on Mon/Tues. HW: Salt Synthesis Lab Report Template
Week 13

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLecture: 19.2 Reversible Reaction and Equilibrium  / Lecture NotesEquilibrium Demo: Water Transfer. Video if you were absent.
- Le Chatelier Practice Worksheet
HW: Finish the Le Chatelier Worksheet. Read 19.2 and take notes.
 W/ThEquilibrium LabLab video if you were absent. HW: Complete the analysis questions on the lab
 FLecture: 19.3 Spontaneous Reactions / Lecture Notes and KeyDue Today: Equilibrium Lab
- Class Work: Spontaneous Reactions Practice
HW: Finish the practice worksheet on Spontaneous Reactions. Key
Read 19.3 and take notes. 
Week 11

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLab: Combustion of a Candle LabIn-Class: Heat of Formation/Heat of Reaction Practice Worksheet and Key / Good resource for extra credit question. HW: Read 19.1 and take notes. Reading Guide
 W/ThLecture: 19.1- Collision Theory and Notes- Heats of Reaction More Practice and Key
Design and Test: Rate of Reaction Lab
HW: Write your procedure for the Rate of Reaction Lab

 F (Mon)Reaction Rate Lab: Run your experiment and gather your data. Gather data to determine a conclusion about reaction rate. HW: Have a Wonderful Break!
Week 10

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/ThIntro to Enthalpy and Energy Diagrams: Lecture and NotesIn-Class DemosHW: Study for the Unit 3 Test (Types of Chemical Rxns and Stoichiometry) Review Guide and Key
 TElection Day: No School
 W/FUnit 3 Test: Types of Rxns and StoichiometryAfter the Test: Reading and Chart: Heats of Formation & ReactionHW: None
Week 9

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLecture: Intro to Stoichometry and Reference SheetActivity: Nuts and BoltsHW: Practice with Stoichiometry (Blue) and Key.
Read 9.1-9.3 and take notes. Reading Guide. 
 W/ThMore Practice with StoichiometryIntroduce Gas Laws & PV=nRTHW: Read 12.2 + 12.4: Gas Laws. Great video review. 
 FLecture: Gas Laws and NotesPractice: Stoichiometry With GasesHW: Study for Unit 3 Test (Types of Reactions & Stoichiometry). Review Guide and Key
Week 8

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TTypes of Reactions Lab  and Lab SheetDue Today: Practice with Types of Reactions Worksheet (Yellow)HW: Finish the lab write-up. Lab video if you were absent. 
 W (1/2 Day schedule)Mole Day Celebration!!!!
Present Moles and Food
Mole Toss, Mole Songs
Due Today: Mole Day Extra Credit! All food items must be NUT FREE and include ingredients. Videos:
Mole Explained
Happy Mole Day to You
Mole is a Unit
Mole Rap
Molar Eclipse of the Heart
 Th/FLecture: Intro to Stoichiometry
Practice With Stoichiometry Worksheet (Blue) and Key
Intro to Stoichiometry: Nuts & Bolts ActivityHW: Read 9.1-9.3 and take notes. Reading Guide
Week 7

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TWrap up Molarity and DilutionsCollect Data for The Mole Lab That Works. Finish the lab write-up.HW: Study for the Unit 2 Test- Study Guide and Key. Finish the Mole Lab That Works Lab Write-Up. 
 W/ThReview for Unit 2 Test

Types of Reactions Lecture
 Ch.8.2 Reading and Reading Guide.
- 8.2 Note Sheet

HW: Study for Unit 2 Test. Finish the Types of Reactions Reading and Notes.
 FUnit 2 Test: Writing/Naming Chemical Formulas, Balancing Equations, Moles & Molarity

- Types of Chemical Reactions Video ReviewHW: Practice with identifying Types of Reactions + Ch.8 Review Problems #54(a-c), #55 (a-b), #56a, #58b, #59(a-b)
Week 6

 Lecture Classwork Homework
MShow Me the Moley Lab
Due Today: Get on the Mole Train Wrksht (Green)
Practice Worksheet: Mole-It-Over Some More and KeyHW: Read 18.2 (p. 509-513) and reading guide.  Focus primarily on formulas- Molarity & Dilutions. Practice Problems #8-12 on p. 511-513.                                
 T/WWhat is Molarity? Lecture and Video ReviewLab: Molarity Lab HW: Finish the Lab Write-Up + Molarity Practice Problems and Key
 Th/F (Wed Schedule) Due Today: Molarity Lab and Molarity Practice Problems Setup: A Mole Lab That Works! and Pre-Lab SetupHW: Unit 2 Test Review (Naming/Writing Formulas, Moles, Molarity) Next Friday
Week 5

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TToday: Unit 1 TestCh. 7.1 Practice Problems: p.179 #7 a,b,c, #8 a,b,c, #9 a,b,c, #10 a,b,d
Section Review #11, 12, 13   
HW: Read Ch.7.1- What is a Mole? 
Practice Problems: Reading Guide and Answer Key to Practice Problems
W- Count DayWhat is a Mole? Partner Activity: What Kind of Mole Is It?
Make a Mole Extra Credit. Due on Mole Day (10/23/17)
HW: Get on the Mole Train

Th/MShow Me the Moley LabPractice Worksheet: Mole-It-Over Some More and KeyHW: Read 18.2 (p. 509-513). Focus primarily on formulas- Molarity & Dilutions. Practice Problems #8-12 on p. 511-513.
Week 4

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TDebrief Flame Test Lab and discuss absorption and emission. 

Today: 14.2- Periodic Trends
Due Today: Flame Test Lab + 14.2 reading notes. 

Compare & Contrast Periodic Trends Worksheet
HW: Unit 1 Review Packet. Test is next Monday/Tuesday. Answer Key
W- Early ReleaseReview DayQCC: Electron Configurations
Th/FCrash Course Chemistry: Periodic Trends

Review Kahoot
More practice with Electron Configurations and Balancing EquationsHW: Study for Test- Answer Key to Review Packet
Practice Test Key
Unit 1 Review QCC's Keys
Unit #1 Test is 10/1 or 10/2

Week 3

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/T- Annotate Periodic Table
Intro Quantum Theory and Electron Configurations- PPT. 
Due Today: 
1. Matter & Change Final Reflection
2. Life on the Edge (Answer Key) & 13.1 Reading Notes
HW: Electron Configuration Practice Problems and Key
- Read Ch. 13.2 and take notes. Reading Guide.  
W/ThMore Practice with Electron Configurations. Test Yourself.Review Naming + Writing Compounds.HW: Finish the Naming & Writing Formulas Worksheet. (Key)
FFlame Test Lab and Powerpoint

Flame Test Slides 
if you were absent. 
Flame Test Lab: Background ReadingHW: Finish the Flame Test Lab Analysis questions. Read 14.2 and take notes (skip trends in Ionic Size, p.403 + 404). Reading Guide

Week 2

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TIntro to Particle Diagrams

What is a Flame? 
Due Today: Candium Lab 
Methane Explosion and Group Share-Out
HW: Create a particle diagram to explain the Methane Can Explosion phenomenon. 
W/ThMatter and Change LabCreate a particle diagram for each reaction to explain the change in matter. Keep track of changes in mass and determine if the reaction took place in an Open or Closed system. HW: Complete the Matter and Change Lab Write-Up. 

Example Lab Write-Up
FBoard Meeting: Presentations on Matter & Change LabMatter & Change Final Reflection
Google Classroom Form. Assess #1

Read Ch. 13.1 and take notes. Reading Guide. 

Week: 1  Lecture  Classwork  Homework
T Welcome Back!  - FOS 3 Syllabus
 - Semester Calendar
 - Periodic Table
Safety Contract:  Due W/Th
- Bring a Composition Notebook W/Th
Fill out Class Survey in Google Classroom
- Christia's Blk 1 code: rdck5g5
- Liz's Blk 3 code:  slj5yfb
- Marcy's Blk 2 code: rq5hkm
- Marcy's Blk 5 code: ir4yi0
- Marcy's Blk 7 code: trqnm2a

W/Th Overview of FOS 3: Prezi
Objective: We will review atomic structure and calculate average atomic mass. 
Candium Lab Data Collection

Get Chem books.
Read 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1 (Reading Guide)
HW: Atom, Isotopes, and Ions Comparison Chart

Chapter 5: Atomic Structure
Chapter 6: Chemical Names and Formulas
F Atom, Isotope, Ion Comparison Debrief Candium Lab Debrief Finish the Analysis Questions for Candium Lab