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FOS 3 Weekly Agenda

Second Semester 2019

Week 17

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TFinal Research PresentationsHW: Final Exam Review
Ch. 41.1-41.2 and 41.3
T/WFinish Presentations and Review for Final Exam
HW: Final Exam Review
Ch. 41.1-41.2 and 41.3
 F Review Day for Final 
FOS 3 Midterm Review Kahoot
Kahoot:  Immune System

Review Jeopardy
HW: Final Exam Review
Ch. 41.1-41.2 and 41.3
Final Exam Review Key

Week 17

 Lecture Classwork Homework
MHappy Memorial Day!!
T/WBy the end of class: Turn in your scientific article and summary to Google Classroom. 

- Measles Wipes Out Immune System Memory
Work on your presentations.
Research Databases
Pub Med
PLOS (Public Library of Science)
Academic Journals (MeL)
HW: Work on presentation.
Final Exam Review
Ch. 41.1-41.2 and 41.3

 Th/F Final Work Day for Research Presentations  HW: Be ready to present next class. 

Week 16

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TVideo Review of Immune Defenses: Non-Specific and Specific Defenses1 and Specific Defenses 2Introduce Final Research Assignment (Marcy's blocks 5+7: Use Google Classroom to complete the Exit Ticket)HW: Work on research. 
W/ThDue Today: Immune Defense Flip book and concept map for "Why I Feel Crummy" article. Work on research and turn in proposals. 
- Research Databases
- Pub Med
- PLOS (Public Library of Science)
- Academic Journals (MeL)
HW: Work on research
 F Field Day  
Week 15

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TOverview of Non-Specific and Specific Defenses: Our Immune System (Chapter 41)Handout: Our Immune System Overview
Article: Why I Feel Crummy When I am Sick. Create Concept Map. 
HW: Finish Your Concept Map
WImmune System Flip Book AssignmentRead Ch. 41.1-41.2 and 41.3HW: Work on Flip book
 FForum Day
Week 14

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TFinal Work Day: Dynamic Cell Models. Groups must turn in their video by the end of class. Dynamic Cell Membrane Model Work DayHW: Study for the Mid-Unit Exam (Ch. 3, Ch.4.1 + 4.2, Ch.21, Ch. 43.1 + 43.2). Study Guide and Key
WReview Day: Mid-Unit Exam- Watch Cell Membrane Videos
- Review Kahoot
- Review Jeopardy
HW: Study for the Mid-Unit Exam. / Review Key
Great Video Review of Cell Transport
 FMid-Unit ExamHW: None
Week 13

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLecture: Active Transport
Due Today: Dialysis Tubing Experiment
Intro: Cell Membrane Modeling Project
- Review Video: Overview of Cell Membrane Transport
HW: Work on script for Cell Modeling Assignment. Reading assignment and note packet (4.2, 43.1, 43.2)
WNSAU: Volunteer Day
 Th/FWork Day: Modeling the Cell Membrane1. Botulinum Toxin
2. Cholera Toxin
3. How Hormones Work
4. Summary of Hormones
5. Thyroxine Peptide Hormone
6. Insulin Hormone
7. Epinephrine Hormone
 HW: Be ready to film your Cell Membrane Modeling video next class. 
Mid-Unit Test next Friday.
Get review sheet in class.
Week 12

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TTest: Chapter 21 (Viruses and Bacteria)Article: Cell Organelles & Human DiseaseHW: Cell Organelle Review Worksheet. Online Resource: Inside the Cell
W/ThIntroduce: Cell Membrane- Passive Transport
Lecture Guide
Test Soap and Setup for SAL Night
HW: Cells & Their Environment (3.2) and Passive Transport (4.1) and Reading Guide
 FReview Passive Transport Dialysis Tubing Experiment: Is dialysis tubing selectively permeable? HW: Read Ch.4.2 and 43.1 and 43.2 and complete note packet
Week 11

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/ThInfographic Share-out
What Causes Antibiotic Resistance? 
Test Review: Virus and Bacteria Grab 'Em Game
HW: Study for Virus and Bacteria Test on April 22nd and 23rd. 
TVirus and Bacteria Infographic ReviewHW: Review Sheet for Virus and Bacteria Test
 W (Friday)Virus Jigsaw Handout
In your table groups, read one of the articles and answer the questions. After each person has read their article, share a summary of your article and read the answers to the questions. 
1. Measles Outbreak Simulation
2. The Big One Is Coming
3. Why the Flu Strikes in Winter
4. Vaccines & Zika
5. How Vaccines Work
6. Why Vaccinated People Get Sick

HW: Study for Test / Answer Key1  and Answer Key 2
 F (Wed) No School  

Week 10

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/ThLecture: Bacteria Structure 21.2
Video #1: Bacteria Structure
Video #2: Bacteria Structure
Worksheet: Sketch It ActivityHW: Get lots of rest for the SAT exam. 
W (Friday
1/2 Day)
Fact vs. Fiction: Vaccines + Antibiotics
Why Vaccines Work
Immunity and Vaccines Explained

Turn in Sketch it Activity
Antibiotic Resistance
How Antibiotics Work

HW: None
21.1 and 21.2 Rdg Guide or Notes are due on Friday (Liz)
 F (Wed) Virus + Bacteria Infographic Review  HW: Review Sheet for Virus and Bacteria Quiz
Week 9

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TWelcome Back! 
Due Today:
Make sure you have completed the M-Step Tutorial on Google Classroom. 
Movie: Contagion
Intro to New Unit- Infectious Disease.  Alternate assignment if you are absent for the movie. HW: Read the article, "The Cough That Launched a Hit Movie" and answer the questions. 
W/ThLecture: Virus Structure and Lecture Guide
Influenza Virus video
Follow-Up Discussion to the movie Contagion. 
- Setup notebook for new unit. 
- Modeling Viruses
HW: Read 21.1- Viral Structure and take notes. Make flashcards for key vocabulary. Reading guide
FFinish Modeling Viruses
- Intro to Bacteria
Video 1: How a Virus InvadesHW: Read 21.2- Bacterial Structure and take notes. Make flashcards for key vocabulary. Reading guide
Week 8

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TSoap Making DayHW: Bring in all final written work to put on your soap boards. 
W/ThWork Day: Put together your Soap Research BoardsHW: Put the finishing touches on your final written portions of the soap boards. 
FDue Today: Soap Research Boards M-Step Training Portal HW: Have a Wonderful Spring Break!
Week 7

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TSoap Research Day: Complete your rough draft of the written research for the soap board. Detailed Grade RubricWork on the advertisement and packaging design for your soap. 
- Review Kahoot
HW: Study for the quiz on Wed/Thurs. Quiz Review and Key
W/ThQuiz: Functional Groups and Soap. 
Lecture: How to make Soap
Video: Lab Safety
Finalize the written portions of your research board. HW: Bring in your fats, molds, and additives for your soap recipe. 
FFat Weighing Day
HW: Be ready to make soap on Monday/Tuesday!!!! Work on final drafts of written portion of research boards and the advertisement/ packaging. 
Week 6

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLecture: All About Soap
- Video: How Soap Works
Decide which fats you will use in your recipe and come up with your final recipe. 
Online Resource: SoapCalc.net
Written Portion Research Boards Requirements
HW: Work on your soap recipe. 
- Soap Making Fats
- Additives Chart
- Fatty Acids Chart
- Fat Substitutes Chart
- Oils Chart
W/ThSoap Work Day
- Quiz Review: Functional Groups and Soap. 
- Start working on the written portions of your research boards. 
Due Today: "My First Date" article and questions. 
HW: Study for quiz next week Wed/Thurs. Functional Groups and Soap. Quiz Review.
FSoap Work Day 
HW: Study for quiz. 
Week 5

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TLecture: Hydrocarbons and Functional Groups- Practice with Hydrocarbons and Functional Groups
Get into Soap Groups. 
HW: Read the article, "My First Date..." about the history and science of soap and answer the questions. (In your Soap Packet)
 WNSAU: No Classes
F Soap Research Day #1Complete the assignment on Google Classroom. 
 HW: Work on the theme for your soap. 
Week 4

 Lecture Classwork Homework
TLecture: IM Forces and Note PacketIMF Review and Concept MapHW: Work on IMF packet. Read 16.3 in your Chemistry textbook. Reading Guide. 
 W/ThReview IM forces.
- IMF Packet Key
Group Experiments: Swirl Test and Evaporation Race. Finish the IM Packet.  HW: Study for Section One Test- Molecular Structure and Intermolecular Forces. Study using your Chequest notes, Skills Practice Asssessments, the Intermolecular Force packet and your reading notes from 16.3.
F Test: Chemquests (Molecular Structure) and Intermolecular Forces. 
 HW: Read 25.1 and 25.2 in Chemistry Textbook. 
Practice Problems: p.747-751 #2-6
Section Review: p.753 #11-13
Week 2/3

 Lecture Classwork Homework
MIntroduce Chemquest #27: Molecular Geometry- Will A Molecule Be Polar? 
-Video: Polar vs. Non-Polar Molecules
- Phet Interactive 3D Molecules 
Chemquest Key #27

- Molecular Modeling and Trading Cards
HW: Complete Skills Assessment #27. Make sure you have all Skills Practice Assessments done. 
- Chemquest Reference Sheet

 Th (Count Day- Friday Schedule)Lecture: IMF Forces and Note PacketIMF Review and Concept MapHW: Work on the IMF packet. Read 16.3 in your Chemistry Textbook. Reading Guide.

Week 1

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M (Friday Schedule)First Day of the 2nd Semester
- Sign Up For Google Classroom
Liz, Block 3 Code: slj5yfb
Organic Chemistry: Intro to New Unit and Unit Calendar
- Setup Notebook
- Chemquests #14-22
- Key Chemquest #14
- Key Chemquest #22
HW: Finish Chemquest #14 and #22
- Read the Article: "Chemophobia Shouldn't Be on the Menu" and summarize the author's main point and state whether you agree or disagree with it.

 TReview "Chemophobia" article. 
- Go over concepts in CQ #14, #22 
- Complete Skills Practice #14, 22
Take Assessment on Google Classroom 
- Introduce Chemquest #23 + #24. /  Keys to #23, #24
 HW: Complete Skills Practice #23, #24
Blocks 1,3,5,7
 Friday Schedule

We are skipping #25 due to ice days.
Do Chemquest #23 and #24
- Key to #23 and #24

* Key to #25
 HW: Complete Skills Assessment for #14, #22
Block 2
 Friday Schedule
Assessment on #23, and #24
 Do Chemquest #26  HW: Complete Skills Assessment #26
Blocks 3,5,7
- Go over concepts in CQ #23 and #24 and take Skills Assessment.  - Introduce Chemquest #26
- Keys to #26
 HW: Complete Skills Assessment #26