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FOS 3 Weekly Agenda

First Semester 2017    

Week 7 Lecture Classwork Homework
 M/TTypes of Chemical Reactions. Ch.8.2 Reading and Reading Guide. In-class notes
- Solubility Chart & Metals Reactivity Series
Due Today: Molarity of Lemonade Lab & Molarity Practice Problems. 
- Types of Chemical Rxns Animation
HW: Ch. 8.2 Practice Problems. p.233- 54a-c, 55a-b, 56a, 57a, 58b, 59a-b, 63a,c 

- Balance of Power Answer Key
W/ThTypes of Chemical Reactions Lab and Lab SheetDue Today: Book Problems. Lab Video (If you are absent)HW: Finish the Lab Write-Up and study for Quiz. 
Quiz Review Key

FQuiz: Naming, Writing, Balancing Equations & Moles + MolarityGo over Types of Chemical Rxns Lab. HW: Mole Day Celebration on Mon/Tues. Bring in your Molextra Credit. Pre-Lab and Procedure for "A Mole Lab That (Makes You) Work"

Week 6  Lecture  Classwork  Homework
 M Show Me the Moley Lab Practice Worksheet: Mole-It-Over Some More and Key Finish for Homework.
Liz Only.  Balance of Power due on Wed.
Read 18.2 (p. 509-513). Focus primarily on formulas- Molarity & Dilutions. Practice Problems #8-12 on p. 511-513.

T/W Let's Review Molarity: Lecture and Video Review

* Writing Chemical Equations
Due Today: 18.2 Practice Problems. 
Due on Friday for Liz
HW: Molarity Practice Problems
Quiz Review for Next Friday (Moles, Molarity, Naming, Writing, & Balancing)
Th/F Molarity of Lemonade Lab In-Class Work: Molarity Practice Problems HW: Finish the Lab Write-Up
Quiz on Moles and Molarity, Naming, Balancing on 10/20, next Friday.
Week 5

 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Unit 1 Exam Read 7.1 and Take Notes    
Practice Problems: p.179 #7 a,b,c, #8 a,b,c, #9 a,b,c, #10 a,b,d Section Review #11, 12, 13          
HW: Finish 7.1 reading, notes, and assigned practice problems and section review. Reading Guide and Answer Key to Practice Problems
W (Count Day)  What is a Mole
What is a Mole? TedEd 4 min
Mole:  Tyler Dewitt 10 min
Lab: What Kind of Mole Is It? HW: Get on the Mole Train
* Make a Mole Extra Credit. Due on Mole Day (10/23/17)
Other Extra Credit is coming soon.
M 10/9
Show Me the Moley Lab Practice Worksheet: Mole-It-Over Some More and Key
Read 18.2 (p. 509-513). Focus primarily on formulas- Molarity & Dilutions. Practice Problems #8-12 on p. 511-513.

Week 4

 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Debrief Flame Test Lab and discuss absorption and emission. 

Periodic Trends
Due Today: Flame Test Lab + 14.2 reading notes. 

Compare & Contrast Periodic Trends Worksheet
HW: Unit 1 Review Packet. Test is next Monday/Tuesday. Answer Key
W- Early Release Review Day QCC: Electron Configurations
Th/F Crash Course Chemistry: Periodic Trends More practice with Electron Configurations and Balancing Equations HW: Study for Test- Answer Key to Review Packet
Practice Test Key
Unit 1 Review QCC's Keys

Week 3

 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Intro Quantum Theory and Electron Configurations- PPT.  Due Today:
1. Matter & Change Final Reflection (Answer Key)
2. Life on the Edge (Answer Key) & 13.1 Reading Notes
HW: Electron Configuration Practice Problems. Read Ch. 13.2 and take notes. Reading Guide.  Study sample problem 13-1 and do Practice problems 5 & 6 on pg. 369
View for a great, simple explanation:
›Crash Course Chem:  The ElectronCrash Course Chemistry:  The Electron
W/Th More Practice with Electron Configurations. Test Yourself. Review Naming + Writing Compounds. HW: Finish the Naming & Writing Formulas Worksheet. (Key)
F Flame Test Lab and Powerpoint

Flame Test Slides
if you were absent. 
Flame Test Lab: Background Reading HW: Finish the Flame Test Lab Analysis questions. Read 14.2 and take notes (skip trends in Ionic Size, p.403 + 404). Reading Guide

Week 2

 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Intro to Particle Diagrams

What is a Flame? 
Due Today: Candium Lab
Methane Explosion and Group Share-Out
HW: Create a particle diagram to explain the Methane Can Explosion phenomenon. 
W/Th Matter and Change Lab Create a particle diagram for each reaction to explain the change in matter. Keep track of changes in mass and determine if the reaction took place in an Open or Closed system.  HW: Complete the Matter and Change Lab Write-Up. 

Example Lab Write-Up
F Board Meeting: Presentations on Matter & Change Lab Matter & Change Final Reflection

Week 1

 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
T Welcome Back! Syllabus

Copy of Summer Assignment / Tutorial
Safety Contract:  Due W/Th
- Bring a Composition Notebook W/Th
Marcy's Student Info Survey
-Liz's Student Info Survey
- Christia's Student Info Survey
W/Th Overview of FOS 3: Prezi
- Checkout Textbooks at 9:50 Liz
Candium Lab Data Collection Read 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1 (Reading Guide)
HW: Atom, Isotopes, and Ions Comparison Chart

Chapter 5: Atomic Structure
Chapter 6: Chemical Names and Formulas

F Atom, Isotope, Ion Comparison Debrief Candium Lab Debrief Finish the Analysis Questions for Candium Lab