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FOS 2 Weekly Agenda

Second Semester 2018  FOS II 

Week 4: 

 Lecture Classwork Homework
T/WHuman EvolutionHuman Evolution Project

Reference: 12.6
Early Earth Quiz Review

(Friday is Mon. schedule) 

Evolution Project Due

Test Review
Early Earth Review KEY

Courtney's Class
Review Sheet KEY

Test  Wed.  2/28

Week 2: 

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TReview:  Radiometric Dating Homework    

Geologic Timescale
PhET: Radiometric Dating  

Link to PhET 

Project:  Geologic Timescale

Gather supplies for project 
Wed (snow day)
Project Work Day: 
Geologic Timescale 
Link to Julian Calendar
F (Wed schedule) - Snow Day
Project Work Day: 
Geologic Timescale 
Link to Julian Calendar 

Week 1: (1/29-2/2)

 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TIntroduce New Unit - What on Earth?

Stratigraphy Lab   

Reading 29.2 Teacher Notes

Read 12.2 and take notes in notebook
12.2 Power Notes
WCareer Fair in AM
No classes PM
Th/FRadiometric DatingM&M Decay Lab   Decay HW

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