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About FOS 2


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FOS II: Molecular Biology and Beyond
With an emphasis on Biology, Biochemistry, and Astronomy, the FOS 2 curriculum has students explore the question, "What is Life?" We start the year studying Mendelian genetics, cell division, DNA, protein synthesis, mutations, genetic diseases and DNA technology. Students will explore the questions: What’s In Your Genes? Why is no child identical to their parents? How do you grow? How does your DNA control your traits? In our next unit, we will explore the question, “Is Life on Earth Doomed To Extinction?” Students will be examining the interaction between two of the most important fundamental pillars of geology and biology. Evolution means change over time, and both the Earth and life undergo this process. Students will study the mechanisms of evolution and relate it to how the Earth has changed over time. Then we will expand our journey to beyond the Earth and ask the question, “Is Anybody Out There?” Students examine our solar system, stellar evolution, and cosmology. We will also be exploring different theories of how life began on Earth.