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FOS 1 Weekly Agenda

First Semester: 2017   Overview of S1 and S2 Prezi

Week 7: 10/16-10/20 Lecture Classwork Homework
 M/TBenthic/Physical Assessment TestFinish What does your data mean?
-EPA Manual

Physical Assessment CER
W/ThWQIPractice Run of TestsWQI Chart
WQI Reading
A Civil ActionDissolved Oxygen Reading 
- Reading Questions
- DO Data

Week 6: 10/9-10/13 Lecture Classwork Homework
Liz's and Courtney's class - Go to Traver Creek.

Invasive species news briefs - due Oct 11/12.

Benthic/Physical Assessment Review Sheet - test in one week!
W - Count DayInvasive News Briefs Due!Urbanization Concept Map Reading and MapFinish Urbanization Maps in your notebook
Th/FJeopardyWhat does your data mean?
-EPA Manual
Benthic/Physical Review
Study - test next class period

Review Sheet KEY

Week 5: 10/2-10/5 Lecture Classwork Homework
Invaders! Movie

Invasive species news briefs - due Oct 11/12.
W - Count DayPhysical Assessment 
Marcy's Class - wear long pants, socks and shoes.
Th - Friday is FORUM DAY!Marcy's Class - Go to Traver Creek.1

Week 4: 9/25-9/29 Lecture Classwork Homework
 M/TPopulationsBenthic QUIZRead 13.6 and take notes in your notebook - T-chart.  Due Th/F
W - Shortened Schedule
Ecological Sorting Activity
Th/FGo over 13.6 Reading
Popcorn Lab
Traver Creek Food Web

Week 3: 9/18-9/22 Lecture Classwork Homework
 M/TGo to Traver Creek - meet in classroom first!Benthic Review - Test in one week.
Compile class data

EPT Sheets 
Mallett's Creek Reading

Mallett's Creek Reading Guide
FGo over Mallett's Creek Reading

Grasshopper Dissection

Study - Test next class period. Have study guide and flash cards completed.

Week 2: 9/11-9/15 Lecture Classwork Homework
 M/TWhat's Living in Traver Creek?Go over "What is a Watershed?" and make a concept map

Benthic Trading Cards
Finish Benthic Trading Cards

- Learn Benthics!
W/ThStudent VersionBenthic ID lab
FBug Review Benthic Bug Chart

Wear long pants, shoes and socks - we are going to the Creek next class!
Week 1: 9/5-9/8   Lecture  Classwork  Homework
 T Welcome Back!

Courtney's Class Survey
Liz's Class Survey
Marcy's Class Survey

Bring College Ruled Notebook to class

Wear Walking Shoes!
W/Th Debrief Are you Thirsty? Meet in classroom
Introduce Traver Creek Unit
Traver Creek Walk
Set up Notebooks

If you were a scientist brainstorm.
What is a Watershed? Reading
- take notes in notebook in the form of a T-Chart


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