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FOS 1 Weekly Agenda

Second Semester:   Overview of S1 and S2  /  Syllabus . (Lost 8 days:  Ice, snow, cold)

Week 7: 3/11-3/15 Lecture Classwork Homework
Cellular Respiration Quiz
Making Stuff Cleaner
Fuel Cell reading - take notes in your notebook
W/ThEnergy Fuel Cell Project
FFuel Cell Projects

Week 5: 2/25-3/1 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/TCellular Respiration and NutritionDigestion Packet - due at the end of class

Digestion Activity
32.1 - Read and take notes in your notebook

WNSAU - No classes

Th/FCarbon and NutritionNutrition PostersFinish Nutrition Posters - due next class period

Week 4: 2/19-2/22 Lecture Classwork Homework
T - Marcy's classes
Photosynthesis Comics - A Day in the Life of A Leaf
- Work Day
Comics due Thursday!

W/ThJeopardyShare comics and review for Photosynthesis QuizPhotosynthesis Review - Quiz On FRIDAY 2/22
 - Review KEY - ignore short answer #5 and #6
F - Friday SchedulePhotosynthesis Quiz

Week 2/3: 2/11-2/15 Lecture Classwork Homework
Tues. No School 
Stages of Photosynthesis
- Lecture guide
Photosynthesis and  Cellular Respiration
Introduction to Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Steps and Pathways
Leaf Pigments and Light
Photosynthesis:  Crash Course With Hank
Photosynthesis Comics - A Day in the Life of A LeafComics due Thursday!

Why aren't plants black so that they can absorb all the wavelengths of light?

If you are curious about some answers, check out this link.
W - NO SchoolComic Work Day
Th - Friday ScheduleMarcy 4 & 6: Lecture Stages of Photosynthesis, and Making Sense of Photosynthesis
Liz:  Finish Lecture, Making Sense of Photosythesis
Courtney:  Comic Work Day
Next week Bl. 4 & 6 Tuesday is a Comic Work Day, Thursday Comic is due and review for quiz. 
Next week Wed. Bl. 1,5,7 Comic is due and review for quiz.

Photosynthesis Review - Quiz On FRIDAY 2/22

Week 1: 2/4-2/8 Lecture Classwork Homework
M (Friday Schedule)   Energy in the Environment and Leaf Structure
Plant Cross Section 
Start a new Table of Contents in your notebooksLeaf Cross Section Coloring
T - Marcy's ClassPhotosynthesis
Lecture Guide
Plant Growth Brainstorm

Modeling Photosynthesis
Read 4.1 and take notes in your notebook
Th - Liz and Courtney's ClassesPhotosynthesis
- Lecture Guide

Read 4.1 and take notes in your notebook
Th - Marcy's ClassATPPhotosynthesis Comics - A Day in the Life of A Leaf 
F - Monday Schedule. Liz and Courtney's classATPModeling Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis Comics - A Day in the Life of A Leaf


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