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FOS 1 Weekly Agenda

First Semester:   Overview of S1 and S2  /  Syllabus

Week 3: 9/17-9/21 Lecture Classwork Homework
Go to Traver Creek for Benthic Sampling
- Wear long pants, socks, and shoes

W/ThWhat Does our Data Mean?Compile Class Data
EPT Diversity Sheet

Mallett's Creek Reading
- Reading Guide
FAnalyzing HRWC Benthic Data

- Go over Mallett's Creek reading
- HRWC Data Sheet
- Analyzing Benthic Data Questions
Benthic Review
- Quiz Wednesday, Sept 26

Week 2: 9/10-9/14 Lecture Classwork Homework
M/T        What's Living in Traver Creek?- Check "What is a Watershed" T-Chart
- Make a class concept map
- Benthic Trading Cards
- Finish Benthic Trading Cards for Friday
- Benthic ID lab sheet

- Benthic ID Lab
- Finish Benthic Trading Cards for Friday

- Benthic Bug Chart
- Benthic ID Game
- Make Traver Creek Groups
- Wear long pants, socks, and shoes for next class period.  We are going to the Creek!

Week 1: 9/3-9/7 Lecture Classwork Homework
TWelcome Back!
Introduction to Website
Wear walking shoes on W/Th.
Let your teacher know if walking 1 mile is a problem.
Bee sting allergies-bring epipen.
Asthma-bring inhaler.
Group Activity.Fill out Class Survey in Google Classroom
-Courtney's Blk 5 Code 1f4v20i
-Liz's Blk 7 code 8yx96k
-Liz's Blk 1 code nfxk44
- Marcy's Blk 4 code: 3n3q40
- Marcy's Blk 6 code:  ffjp1it
W/ThAre You Thirsty?
Introduction to Traver Creek Unit.

Walk to Traver Creek and make observations.Bring a Notebook to class on Friday
Set-up Notebooks:
T.O.C., page numbers, big picture page, vocab page.

Start reading article:
What is a Watershed?
T-notes for What is a Watershed?
Left side:  term, concept, picture, diagram.
Right side: explanation, definition, picture, connection, question


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