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FOS 1 Weekly Agenda

Second Semester:   Overview of S1 and S2  /  Syllabus / Test Correction Form
NOTE:  Due to Snow Days, the Cellular Respiration quiz is postponed to Friday (March 6th).

Week 12
 Lecture Classwork Homework

Fuel Cell Review and EquationsCheck your teachers google classroom for Assignments #1 and #2 Due on Friday, 4/17

Week 11
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Weekly Learning Opportunities*Check in with Google Classroom for additional announcements and office hours.   1. Check out this video at the California Academy of Science on, "What is a  Biodiversity Hotspot". 
2.  Explore some of the other videos highlighting Case Studies.
3.  Go to your google classroom and join the conversation.

Week 10
 Lecture Classwork Homework

Happy Spring Break! 🌸🌺

Week 9
Out of School
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
Weekly Learning Opportunities
• Submit your Fuel Cell Videos by Friday on Google Classroom.

• Check out the California Academy of Science Course on Biodiversity by using the google form on your Teacher's Google Classroom

• Reflection on Clean Energy video at Google Classroom

Week 8
Out of School
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
Finish your fuel cell projects and submit your videos to your teacher!

 Block 1 (Liz): haet8u1
 Block 3 (Liz): 9kz9hs
Submit videos on Google Classroom
Block 5 (Courtney): spksav3
Block 7 (Courtney): z1mvmj
Block 6 (Marcy): tmfjer

Check out this cool video about using Fuel Cells in Today's Cars!

Week 7
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/Th Energy Watch - Making Stuff Cleaner

Taste Root beer
Fuel Cell Reading
Start Fuel Cell Project
- Rubric


Week 6
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Cellular Respiration Part 2
- Lecture Guide
Make Root beer! Study! - Cellular respiration Test Friday
- Review Sheet due the day of your test

- Review KEY
W/Th Review Jeopardy
Review Kahoot
Taste Root beer  
F Cellular Respiration Test

Week 5
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/Th Cellular Respiration - Part 1
 - Lecture guide  
Read 4.4 and 4.6 and take notes in your notebook.
T - shortened Friday schedule. Half day.
Return work and go over photosynthesis test.
- Marcy's class: Finish your posters. 

Week 4
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Photosynthesis Unit Test     Read 32.1 and take notes in your notebook
W/Th Cellular Respiration and Digestion Digestion Activity and Link 
Chemistry of Carbohydrates Poster

2.3 Book Pages
Finish Poster for Monday/Tuesday!

Week 3
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Photosynthesis Lab - set up Share Comics

Photosynthesis Lab - Set up
Photosynthesis Review - test in one week
W-Count Day
Set up lab
Th/F Jeopardy
Review Kahoot
Finish Lab and Complete Photosynthesis Lab CER Photosynthesis Review - test next class
Review KEY

Week 2
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T Stages of Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Comic Work Day Comics Due in one Week!
W/Th Stages of Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Comic Work Day

Making Sense of Photosynthesis Comics Due next class

Week 1
 Lecture  Classwork  Homework
M/T New Unit and Leaf Structure Plant Brainstorm Leaf Cross Section
W/Th Photosynthesis Photosynthesis Modeling Read 4.1 and take notes in your notebook
Lecture Guide

Introduce Comic - A Day in the Life of a Leaf
- Rubric
Comic due 2/10/20 or 2/11/20


Click Here to access the online textbook

        Username: school email 
        Password: student ID #

Google Classroom Codes
    Block 1 (Liz): haet8u1
    Block 3 (Liz): 9kz9hs
    Block 5 (Courtney): spksav3
    Block 6 (Marcy): tmfjer