Ecology Weekly Agenda

First Semester 2017

Week 11: 11/13-11/17 Lecture Classwork Homework
TWetland History and TypesWetlands of the WorldWetlands Function Reading
ThWetland FunctionsWetlands of the World Presentations

Fresh Water
Finish Presentations

Week 10: 11/6-11/10 Lecture Classwork Homework
TElection Day - No School
Unit 2 Test Review - test on 11/9
Review KEY
ThUnit 2 TestGo over HW

FGuest speaker - Neal B. from Smith Group JJR

Week 9: 10/30-11/3 Lecture Classwork Homework
TFinish Tree Choice Presentations
Watch Seasonal Forests
Unit 2 Test Review - test on 11/9
Review KEY
ThEcosystem OverviewDissect Owl Pellets

Read the Ecosystem articles and answer the critical thinking questions in your notebooks
FReviewGo over HWSTUDY! Test next class period

Week 8: 10/23-10/27 Lecture Classwork Homework
TTrip to Crosswinds Marsh

W - Shortened ScheduleScience Friday

Tree Choice Presentations

Week 7: 10/16-10/20 Lecture Classwork Homework
TFall Leaf ID Projects Due!Work on Argo Forest Lab ReportsLab Reports Due Friday
ThForest ManagementTree Choice Projects 
F      Crosswinds Marsh Permission Slips Due!Tree Choice Projects

Week 6: 10/9-10/13 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TClass Trip to the Arb with Bob Grese!Study for tree ID test
Tree ID Test

Work on Argo Forest Lab Reports
-Tree and Crown Condition
- Soil Quality
- Forest Diversity
Fall Tree ID Projects due Tuesday.

Week 5: 10/2-10/5 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TSuccession Posters
Fall Tree ID Project - due in 2 weeks
Tree Flashcards due Thursday
W - Count Day
Evaluating Tree BenefitsDress for field work!
Tree Flashcards!
Forest Health LabStudy!  Tree ID test in one week.

Week 4: 9/25-9/29 Lecture Classwork Homework
Tree Identification Walk

W - Shortened scheduleMichigan ForestsRead "Ecological Succession" and take notes in your notebook
Tree ID walk Part 2Tree Flashcards - due Tuesday
Mt.St. Helen's Reading and Questions

Week 3: 9/18-9/22 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TFracking Town Hall MetingHW: Read Putting a Price on Nature and write a response. Do you think we should put a price on natural capital?  Why or why not?

Find a literary quote that shows how humans relate to the environment.
ThEnvironmental EconomicsEcological FootprintFinish Ecological Footprint

Quiz 1 Review
F        Michigan Trees
Quiz 1 Review - Quiz Tuesday

Week 2: 9/11-9/15 Lecture Classwork Homework
 THumans in the EnvironmentShare articles

Sustainable Fisheries Game
Monhegan Bay - Read the article and write at least three ways that this community achieves a sustainable harvest
Thoughts from Monhegan

Fracking Debate

F        Fracking Research
Be prepared to debate!

Week 1: 9/5-9/8 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TWelcome Back!
Courtney's Class Survey
Ecosystem Obs. Activity
F        What is Ecology?
Find 2 articles and summarize to share
1. Envi. Sci
2. Ecology