Forensics Weekly Agenda

First Semester
1st Semester 2018

 Week 15
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Fabric Lecture
FBI Fiber Evidence Reference
Start Fabric Lab:  Establishing Standards

•Start Review for Test Next Thursday•Finish Standards Lab
Picking up the Pieces--Analysis of an Unknown Fiber
Show me your Ch. 10 and Ch. 4 Review Questions
Friday Ch. 4 Practice Test
Ch. 10 Practice Test
Ink Analysis Review
Ch.10 Review
Ch. 4 Review
Picking up the Pieces--Analysis of an Unknown Fiber
Finish write up on Tuesday if needed, review for test also.
Review for Currency, Ink Analysis, Handwriting, Fabric Test next Thursday
(If you know you will be absent on Thursday, arrange to take the test earlier in the week!)

 Week 14
 Lecture Classwork Homework

Famous Forgery Cases
Grading based on:

1.  Engaging images, clear text on slides.
2.  Clear and informed facts.
3.  Confident and energetic presentation style.


Fabric Lecture

Finish Presentations
Forensics Files:  Blanket of Evidence
Read Ch. 4 and take notes. Do Review Questions.  

 Week 13
 Lecture Classwork Homework
The Legal System:  Lecture Ch. 10

Create an Infographic:  Fourth Amendment Rights:  Activity 10.1Read Ch. 10 to 286.
Review Questions #11-16
Thursday1.  Individual Analysis
2.  Group Consensus
3.  Class Presentation:  One sheet annotated and evidence and explanation.
Ch. 10.2 Activity
Ch. 10.1-10.3 Procedures from Book

FridayWatch TED Talk 
Immersion, Inquiry, Imitation or How to put together an interesting presentation.
Annotation Reference
Famous Forgery Cases
Grade Rubric
Today:  Research, Sign-up for a Case to present.
Tuesday 12/5:  Create Presentation.
Thursday 12/7: Presentations
Show me review Q's today or Tuesday.

 Week 12

 Lecture Classwork Homework

Ink Analysis Lab
Forensic Lab Techniques Reading


 Week 11

 Lecture Classwork Homework
Explore How Currency is Made
Visit the website to answer questions on the lab sheet and take notes in your notebook.
Act. 10-3 Examination of U.S. Currency
See Ch. 10, pg. 286
Absent for the Test?  You have until Friday to make it up.
The New $100 Bill  7 min. 
How to Detect a Counterfeit  12 min.
Money Factory  48 min.

FThis is a Monday ScheduleNo Class.

 Week 10

 Lecture Classwork Homework

Election Day.  No class
Th      See Week 9 for links to the Review and ActivitiesActivities 8-5, 8-6, 8-7
Review for Test Tomorrow
Review KEY
Study for the test.
Finish Activities
FTurn in Activities 8-6 and  8-7Test:  Hair, Fingerprints, Blood Typing, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

 Week 9
 Lecture Classwork Homework
•Blood Spatter Lab, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
--Group Data Sheet.
--Group Assessment


•Finish Blood Spatter Lab, Group Data Sheet, and Group Assessment.
•Activity 8-5, 8-6
Area of Convergence, Point of Origin Activity: Part 1
(Activity 8-5 and part of 8-6.)

Study notes and worksheets on Blood Typing and Blood Spatter for Individual Assessment on Friday.

 FReview Sheet for Test Next Friday.
Review Hair, Fingerprint, Blood Typing/Serology, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 

•Activity 8-6 (finish) and Activity 8-7
Area Convergence, Point of Origin Act. Part 2
(Second part of Activity 8-6, and all of 8-7)
Complete Activites 8-5, 8-6, 8-7
No class next Tuesday
Test on Friday

 Week 8
 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TPattern Analysis Resource:
Blood Typing Lecture 
Start with Slide 24.  
Graphic Organizer 
Pgs. 203-206 on Blood Spatter.
How Stuff Works:  BPA *Stringing, Sine and Spatter Patterns
 Chapter from Forensics Investigations (Angle of impact and point of origin calculations.)
Blood Spatter Animation
Watch these videos:
1. Catching Killers:  Blood Spatter 101 Smithsonian (2 1/2 min. video)
How to Find Blood Stains.
2.  Blood Spatter Analysis 7 min. video
3.  Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Graphic Organizer.pdf
Go to google classroom for the google document.  Each of you has your own copy.

Work on Graphic Organizer
Goggle Classroom code:

Ch. 8 Review Q's:  Blood Typing and Spatter
Friday Schedule with 20 min. classes
Turn in Blood Typing Research and LabThe Real Blood Spatter Detectives:  Darlie Routier

 ThBloodstain Pattern Analysis 
Part 1
1.   Chapter from Forensics Investigations:  
•Read pages 5-9.
•Do Activity 8-5 on the sheet provided.  Area of Convergence Due today or Tuesday.
•Do Activity 8-4.  Impact Angle.  (For now, there is only a hard copy that you need to get in class.)
Due today or Tuesday

Part 2
You Investigate 
• Go to our google classroom and solve an actual case using bloodstain pattern analysis.
For Tuesday
1. Finish Activity 8-4, 8-5
2. Finish Review Q's ch. 8
3. Finish Graphic Organizer

Blood spatter lab starts on Tuesday.

Actual Case on Google Classroom is due on Thursday next week.

 Week 7
 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TCh. 6  Review Questions #1-20 
Check in with Liz
Developing Latent Prints Lab
Grade Rubric Developing Latent Prints Lab and Research

Case of the Criminal Classmate:  A real life, made up mystery.
Finish the Fingerprint Research by Friday
 W/ThBlood Typing Lecture (Stop when you get to blood spatter.)Part 1 Reading Blood and Blood Typing
Part 2 Reading Blood and Blood Typing
 Take notes.
Blood Typing Research and Lab
Bring your Forensics Book or read on-line.  NO Blood Typing Game.  Boo hoo.


 FCrash Course:  BloodBlood Typing Research and LabFinish the Research and Lab Questions.
Also do Multiple choice review Q's ch. 8 1-5 and the first 2 short answer.  Stop before Blood Spatter
The Forensics of Blood . This article review chemical tests to check if blood is human and blood typing.

 Week 6
 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TVideo:  How to Develop Latent Prints with Magnetic Powder
Video:  How to Develop Latent Prints with Black Powder
Developing Prints Lecture
•Finish Taking and Reading Prints Lab: Primary Classification System.  Turn in 2 ten-prints.
Developing Latent Prints Lab
Grade Rubric Developing Latent Prints Lab and Research

 Ch. 6  Review Questions #1-20

Developing Latent Prints Lab and Research 

 FWednesday Schedule

 Week 5
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Finish Hair Lab
Hairy Cat Caper

Friday Schedule
Count Day
Lecture:  Introduction to Fingerprints
Practice Identifying Minutiae
Activity 6-5, Is it a Match?
1.  Finish Hairy Cat Caper
2.  Turn in your Hair Lab
3.  Lecture on Fingerprints
 Watch :Video:  How to Roll Prints
Watch:  Video:  How to Compare Fingerprints, The basics.

Fingerprint Patterns Article 
Types of Fingerprints
Henry Primary Classification System
Taking and Reading Prints:  Lab

Read Ch. 6 on Fingerprinting and answer Review Questions #1-20 for next Tuesday

 Week 4 9/25/17 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TFinish Trace Evidence PresentationsTest Ch. 1 & 2, Canine Caper
Ch. 3 Hair: Read and Do Review Q's #1-20 in N.B. to prepare for Hair Lab on Thursday.
Shortened Friday Schedule
 Early Release:  30 Min. ClassesHair Lecture

 Calculating Diameter of Hair
 Ch. 3 Hair: Read and Do Review Q's #1-20 in N.B. to prepare for Hair Lab on Thursday.
Hair Lab

 Week 3 9/18/17 Lecture Classwork Homework
 TUse the Walkthrough to guide you directly and quickly through the game.
Canine Caper Walkthrough

When you go to Ranger's RV, click on all of the evidence first and then click on Ranger.

CSI Case #2 Canine Caper.
Register so that you can reenter the game if you don't have time to finish in one sitting.

Take notes on these techniques that you will be tested on later.
Student Note-taking guide. (PDF)
Google Doc  Make a copy and rename before using.

Finish the game and notes!

Liz's Notes :  Study these forensics techniques used to solve the Canine Caper. Material will be included on the first unit Test on Tues, 9/25Trace Evidence:  Case Studies:  In pairs.  Sign-up with Teacher First.  One Pair per Case. Review for Ch. 1 & 2, Canine Caper Test on Tuesday 9/25
Also use NOTES provided by Liz from Canine Caper. Test Ch. 1 & 2, Canine Caper
 F Present Case Studies

 Week 2 Lecture Classwork Homework
 T Lecture summary of Ch. 2.
Gallery Walk Historic Figures:
You can find our video here.

•Check-in H.W. Review Q's Ch.2
Trace Evidence--Sock Lab

 •Individual or Class Evidence:  Case studies.  Due FRIDAY

  Crime Scene Sketch

 F •Finish Part 2 Crime Scene Sketch

 Week 1

 Lecture Classwork Homework
Welcome Back!!!
Change Blindness
Spot the DifferencePower of Observation

The Art of Detection
Syllabus and Safety Contract

Sign in to Google Classroom and do the  Getting to know you Survey
Code:  xrecxm6
Quick Read:
How Reliable is Eyewitness Testimony?    Answer the prompt in
Google Classroom.  Due 9/6
Key People in the History of Forensic Science Timeline

Quick Read:
What is Forensic Science? 
Prompt:  If you worked in Forensic Science, which "expert area" would you choose and why?
Google Classroom Assignment.  

Observation Skills Powerpoint

Visual Intelligence-Amy Herman: The Art of Perception: How to See and Say What Really Matters .  10-25 min
Ch. 2 on-line
Share your expert area with a partner.
Lecture summary Ch. 2.
Skim Ch. 1
READ Ch. 2:  Answer the Ch. Review Q's 1-10 pgs. 33-35 in your science notebook.
**Bring a clean white sock!!!!!