Forensics Weekly Agenda

2nd Semester 2019-2020

Week 12
Week 4 Virtual
 Lecture Classwork Resources

Assignments #1 and #2 are on the google classroom.
See Template of Physical Trauma Graphic Organizer on  Google Classroom
Ch. 7 Physical Trauma Chapter to Read.

Outline of Assignment

Week 11
Week 3 Virtual
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Weekly Learning Opportunities*Check in with Google Classroom for additional announcements and office hours later in the week.   Work on any previous makeup work and turn it in. 
*Check out the Diorama Study with Story,
The Garage by Thomas Mauriello
to the right.  Each link is a page which you will need to rotate to read.

Week 10
 Lecture Classwork Homework

Happy Spring Break! 🌸🌺

 Week 9
Week 2 Virtual 
 Instructions Classwork Reminders
TRead the articles and watch the videos linked to the google classroom assignment.  Add your comments to the class discussion.NEW:
Check out the assignment on google classroom, 
Post Mortem:  Death Investigation in America.
•Keep working on Amnesty Assignments and send them to me.
•Look over Week 8 and continue prep for the test.
Here are the keys to the activities.  Check your work, then use the google classroom question to get clarification.



 Week 8
Week 1 Virtual

 Classwork at HOME Homework
TAmnesty Program (NEW)
Complete any assignments relevant to the DNA/Entomology Unit and email them to me for partial credit.  Take a picture and send.
New to REVIEW for the TEST.
Prepare for the DNA and Entomology Test by making 2 Concept maps, 1 for each topic.  You will be able to use these on the test when we return.
An example of a  concept map (topic is viruses).
ThContinue Working on the material for the next unit by reading Ch. 11 and doing the Activites.Activities 
Ch. 11 part 1
Ch. 11 part 2

Continue working on Concept maps and activities.

 Week 7
 Lecture Classwork Homework
TNo School Go Vote
ThCause, Mechanism, Manner, and Timing of DeathActivities 
Ch. 11 part 1
Ch. 11 part 2
Study for the Test

 FFinish Activities after the test.Test on DNA, Presentations and Entomology,Finish 
 Week 5
 Lecture Classwork Homework
T 2/25
Early Release
20 min.

Forensic DNA EvidenceIntroduction Lecture

DNA Fingerprinting Animation
DNA Fingerprinting and Gel Electrophoresis Real
DNA Fingerprinting:
Ch. 7 in Textbook, Read and Take Notes in your Science Notebook.  Answer the Review Questions.
Today and WED.
Naming the Dead
The Missing
Forensics Justice
Catching Killers Video:  Smithsonian
DNA Interactive

Can This DNA Sleuth Catch Criminal?
Read and write a question for each section numbered on the article.

DNA and Society Group Research Mini-Project
Present Next Tuesday
Try using this Link


Week 4
 Lecture Classwork Homework
TADH Intro Lecture
Visible Proofs Data:  
Blowfly Use in Ent. Intro.
Case Summary
Newspaper Article
•Dr. Krinsky's Notes
Climate Data
Turn in Body Farm Article Q's.  Share last question.
Blowfly Life Cycle
1.  Entomology Intro W.S.
2.  Student Worksheet:  Climate Data and ADH Calculation

Finish Baby Blowfly Book
ThShare Blowfly Books: Self Assessment and Turn in.1.Finish Krinsky Case
2.Case Studies

 F:Using Insects to Trap Killers:  The New Dectectives
Week 3
 Lecture Classwork Homework
TForensics Entomology Introduction
Forensic EntomologyReview Card
•Quiz on Alcohol and Poisons
Determining Time of Death Interactive
Ch. 11 349-354
Ch. 11 355-359
Ch. 11 360-368
Answer Review Questions 1-20 by Thursday, 2/14
Count Day
The Body Farm Video (3 min)
FBI Training at Body Farm (4 min)
The Crime Scene (7 min)
The Body Farm Video 10 min.
The Body Farm Article
The Body Farm Questions:  Due on Tuesday next week 2/18
Entomology Case Studies Jigsaw (then solve a case).

Baby Blowfly Book:  Due 2/20

 Week 2
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Famous Poisons Project. Groups of 2.Study Forensics Tox. lecture and
Ch. 9 Bertino Outline
Present Famous Poisons Project
Present Famous Poisons Project

 Quiz on Alcohol and Poisons Postponed to Tuesday
 Week 1
 Lecture Classwork Homework
Introduction to Forensics Toxicology: Lecture
Find Law Website
Physiology of Alcohol and Poisons Part 1
Physiology of Alcohol and Poisons Part 2
Take notes on the reading and answer the Ch. Review questions in your notebook 1-22

Alcohol and Poisons LabPresent next Tuesday.


Penchant for PoisonFamous Poisons Project. Groups of 2.

Quiz Next Friday on Alcohol and Poisons
Ch. 9 Bertino Outline