Christia West

About me

This year is my fifth year teaching at Community High School!  I love being part of the FOS team, and coaching Team 5708 Robotics. Before I became certified to teach high school, I taught anatomy & physiology, pathology and therapeutic techniques at a massage school. I did this for over 15 years as well as having a clinical practice.   I grew up in Charlevoix, Michigan and it is one of my favorite places on earth.    

Contact Information

I have a degree in Business from Ferris State University.  I received my teaching certificate, and did my science coursework,  from Eastern Michigan University. 

What I do for fun
  • Swimming & biking
  • Kayaking
  • Playing board games (Catan, Dominion, Munchkin, Epic Spell Wars, Cranium, D&D and many more)
  • Build robots. 

Fun Time! : 

Whale watching on Stellwagen Bank off the coast of Massachusetts. 

Paddling everywhere! (This is on the Huron River) 

Team 5708 Zebrotics 2019 Deep Space "Murphy"