Tuesday (12/6)

    • Download and save the Wave Webquest Guide
    • The Introduction, Task, and Step 1 of the Process will be completed.

    • Start Step 2 of the Process and begin recording notes in the "Process" section in your Webquest guide.

    Wednesday (12/7) and Thursday (12/8)

    • The focus will be on gathering research for Step 2 and Step 3.

    • Research should be recorded in the Process section of the Webquest Guide.

    Friday (12/9)

    • The focus will be to finish up research and begin Step 4 of the Process section by starting to put together your newsletter.

    Monday (12/12)

    • Finish Step 4 by completing your newsletter.

     Tuesday (12/13)

    • Newsletter rough drafts are due at the beginning of class.

    • You will work in groups to critique each other's newsletter.

     Wednesday (12/14)

    • Final draft of your newsletter is due at the beginning of class.

    • Half credit will be given to newsletters that are not turned in at the beginning of class. "Late cards" CANNOT be used for this project.