Consult the following sources for relevant information on your selected wave technology product:

General Resources

While you're in the West High Library, use the various print resources that are available.  Some of these books are very fine!  These may be checked out after school and returned by 8 the next morning or you may photocopy the few pages you need.

Next, check out these resources for basic information about wave technology:

(While you are at home, you can browse these resources, but you will need a login/password which can be found on page 40 of your planner.)

  • Gale Collection  Execute a keyword search, entering the wave technology product name. Overview articles on many, but not all of the topics are included in this database.  This resource is accessible from home, but a login/password is required.  

  • Britannica Online  Another subscription resource, Britannica Online has articles on many of the topics, as well as links to outside websites.  Also available from home with the login/password.

  • World Book Online  Yet another of our subscription resources, WB Online has basic articles on some of the topics. Also available from home with the login/password.

Here are a few special websites that explain how waves work:

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