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Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Tells Activists 'You Are Not Alone'
15.11.2018 Ten Soksreinith (VOA) - On June 29, 2017, Vietnamese dissident blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, best known by her blogging name of "Mother Mushroom," was sentenced to 10 years in prison after she was detained eight months earlier for posting about people dying in police custody, or "conducting propaganda," as the court found.
Released from prison a month ago, Quynh, 39, has settled with her children in Houston, Texas. She told VOA's Vietnamese Service that it was difficult to accept the offer of release because it was made on the condition that she leave Vietnam. She said she accepted thinking about her responsibilities to her children and their future although she wanted to stay in Vietnam to continue her fight for human rights. [read more]
Vietnamese singer Mai Khoi, voice of dissent
15.11.2018 By Gary Sands (Asia Times) - Do Nguyen Mai Khoi, a Vietnamese pop star, singer and musician, was in Taipei last weekend for a human-rights forum, where she spoke of how the Vietnamese government has limited her freedom of expression by raiding her concerts and prohibiting her from performing in public – she now only performs at underground venues.
Despite the crackdowns on political protests, including the protest over 99-year special economic zones in June and citizens now being “a little bit scared,” Mai said political protests would continue, but in “small groups,” although adding that organizing training courses in human rights or on the environment are “most dangerous” and “under censor. [read more]

Academics slam communist party's rebuke of Vietnam publisher
14.11.2018 By AFP (Daily Mail) - More than 80 international scholars have upbraided Vietnam's Communist Party for condemning a prominent book publisher whose titles criticised socialism, a no-go zone in the Marxist country.
The group of scholars issued a letter on Wednesday lending their support to 78-year-old publisher Chu Hao, who was denounced last month by the government for printing books on economics and political science deemed out of line. [read more]

Jailed Vietnamese pastor is denied vital medical treatment
13.11.2018 (Christian Today) - A imprisoned Vietnamese pastor has been refused medical treatment for serious illnesses, according to International Christian Concern (ICC).
Nguyen Trung Ton was arrested in July last year with other members of his pro-democracy group, Brotherhood for Democracy. He was convicted of attempting to overthrow the communist government and sentenced to 12 years in prison. [read more]

Ecrivains et journalistes, persécutés, emprisonnés, disparus ou assassinés
12.11.2018 Nguyên Hoàng Bao Viêt (Actualitté) - ... Novembre, le mois de Solidarité et de Gratitude envers les Ecrivains et les Journalistes persécutés, emprisonnés, disparus ou assassinés
Une réalité, immensément triste et révoltante : l’atteinte aux droits de l’homme dans le monde s’est aggravée, en témoigne notamment la situation dégradante de la liberté d’expression et d’opinion dans de nombreux États membres des Nations-Unies.
En septembre dernier, à Pune, en Inde, le 84e Congrès du PEN International célébrait le 150e anniversaire du Mahatma Gandhi, défenseur de la Paix, de la Vérité et de la Non-Violence. La Vérité, la Liberté et la Diversité sont les trois axes thématiques de cette grande manifestation. Pour mémoire, en septembre 2017, notre sœur et collègue indienne Gauri Lankesh a été assassinée à son domicile de Bangalore. Gauri était une célèbre journaliste, éditrice et défenseuse des droits humains. [en savoir plus]

Vietnam’s Lady Gaga is pressuring Facebook to stop complying with censorship laws
10.11.2018 By Alice Truong in Taipei (Quartz) - Mai Khoi never intended on becoming an activist. At the Oslo Freedom Forum in Taipei, Khoi opened her talk with a performance of her song “Vietnam,” which urged her fellow citizens to “step out from the fear” and “raise our voice, speak, sing, scream.”
The singer said she became disenchanted with Vietnamese pop music because of how artists would censor themselves, leading her to spend time with the country’s dissident artists. [read more]

Facebook refuses Singapore request to remove post after critical website blocked
10.11.2018 (Nikkei Asian Review) - SINGAPORE (Reuters) -- Facebook has rejected a Singapore government request to remove a post of an online article that the government said was "false and malicious", prompting its Law Ministry to say the case illustrated the need to introduce legislation to stop fake news.
Singapore's central bank said on Friday it had filed a police report against an online article by an Australia-based independent blogger about Singapore banks and Malaysia's scandal-linked 1MDB state fund. [read more]

Vietnamese Police Torch Farm Equipment of Dissident Religious Figure
09.11.2018 (RFA) - Police in Vietnam’s Central Highlands set fire to the store room of a Cao Dai priest’s coffee plantation this week, angered that he had escaped their surveillance in order to meet with U.S. diplomats in Saigon, the priest said on Friday.
Speaking to RFA’s Vietnamese Service, Hua Phi—head of the Cao Dai Church in Lam Dong province’s Duc Trong district—said that he discovered the damage after he returned from his meeting in Saigon, also called Ho Chi Minh City. [read more]

Persecuted in Hanoi, locked up in Bangkok: the Montagnards, Vietnam’s forgotten Christians
04.11.2018 By George Wright (SCMP) - The Montagnards, or Dega, are the indigenous people of the Vietnamese Central Highlands.
They faced persecution for decades for supporting America in the Vietnam war and for practising forms of Christianity that Hanoi brands “evil way” religions.
There have been widespread accusations of human rights abuses and land grabs against them in their homeland, and thousands have escaped to Cambodia and Thailand in recent decades in hope of a better life. [read more]

French PM dodges rights questions in Vietnam
04.11.2018 (Daily Mail) - France does not "sweep anything under a rug" when it comes to the issue of human rights in Vietnam, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe insisted on Sunday, after sidestepping questions over the Asian country's dismal record on dissent.
When questioned by reporters in Ho Chi Minh City, Philippe insisted, "we do not sweep anything under the rug, but we have discussions with the Vietnamese authorities that do not go through the press".
A source familiar with the meetings between the two governments told AFP human rights was brought up during talks on Friday, the day of Philippe's arrival.
"The human rights issue was addressed in the talks. The Vietnamese authorities' attention has been drawn to a list of individual cases," said the source. [read more]

Vietnamese Blogger, Rights Activist Vy to be Tried on Flag Affront Charges
02.11.2018 (RFA) - A well-known Vietnamese blogger and human rights advocate is set to face trial for "affronting the national flag or national emblem,” a rights group and her lawyer said on Friday, three months after she was briefly detained and had her computer, books and other items confiscated.
Huynh Thuc Vy, 33, a co-founder of the advocacy group Vietnamese Women for Human Rights, was taken away on Aug. 9 by police in Dak Lak province’s Buon Ho town in the country’s central highlands after refusing previous summons to come in to their offices for questioning, Vy’s husband Le Khanh Duy told RFA’s Vietnamese Service at that time. [read more]

Vietnam rolls out web monitor to control 'false information'
31.10.2018 By AFP (Daily Mail) - Vietnam said Wednesday it has set up a web monitoring unit that can scan up to 100 million news items per day for "false information", in a move that tightens its grip on internet freedom.
Lawmakers passed a tough cybersecurity law in June requiring internet providers to store data in the country and remove "toxic content" if requested to do so. Firms like Facebook and Google will also have to hand over user data if asked by the government.
The move came after a top general announced a 10,000-strong internet task force had been set up to monitor online posts. [read more]

Vietnam cyber law will guard against fake news, terrorism: security ministry
31.10.2018 (Reuters) - HANOI- A Vietnamese cybersecurity law that global technology companies and rights groups have warned could undermine development and stifle innovation, will protect the country from increasing cyber threats, the security ministry has said.
The ministry said there had been no effective way to control things such as fake news and slander which caused “unfortunate consequences”.
It also said unidentified “enemy” and “reactionary” forces were using cyber space to call for protests and incite riots and terrorism. [read more]

Vietnam : pasteur emprisonné privé de soins médicaux
28.10.2018 Daniel Hamicheil (L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie) - Le pasteur Nguyen Trung Ton, âgé de 46 ans, fait partie d’un groupe de quatre militants de l’association Fraternité pour la démocratie, condamnés à de lourdes peines de prison ferme le 5 avril 2018 pour « tentatives de renverser l’administration du peuple ». Le pasteur, qui fut président de cette association évidemment non reconnue par le pouvoir communiste, a écopé de 12 années d’emprisonnement dans le camp d’internement et de travail de Gia Trung – hauts plateaux au centre du Vietnam. Il s’y trouve en très mauvais état et sa santé se détériore. [en savoir plus]

Viet Nam: blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh released into exile
24.10.2018 (PEN International) - PEN International welcomes the release of blogger and government critic Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, also known by her pen name Me Nâm (‘Mother Mushroom’), on 17 October 2018. Me Nam had been serving a 10-year prison sentence for “conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam” under Article 88 of the Penal Code when she was reportedly taken directly to Ha Noi International Airport and put on a plane bound for the USA. The remainder of her 10-year prison sentence has reportedly been suspended.
PEN International believes that Me Nam was targeted for peacefully exercising her right to freedom of expression and is deeply disappointed that she has been forced into exile.  PEN continues to call for the release of all other writers and journalists still held solely for peacefully exercising their right to freedom of expression. [read more]

Vietnam: la blogueuse Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh libérée et forcée à l'exil
24.10.2018 (PEN International) - PEN International salue la libération de la blogueuse Nguyn Ngoc Nhu Quynh, critique du gouvernement vietnamien aussi connue sous son nom de plume Me Nâm (« Mère Champignon »), le 17 octobre 2018. Me Nâm purgeait une peine d’emprisonnement de 10 ans pour « propagande à l’encontre de la République socialiste du Viêt-nam », en vertu de l’article 88 du code pénal, lorsqu’on l’aurait emmené directement à l’Aéroport international de Hanoi et fait monter dans un avion en direction des États-Unis. Le reste de sa peine d’emprisonnement de 10 ans aurait été suspendu.
PEN International croit que Me Nâm avait été ciblée pour avoir exercé pacifiquement son droit à la liberté d’expression et est profondément déçu qu’elle ait été forcée à l’exil. PEN poursuit ses appels demandant à ce que tous les autres écrivains et journalistes emprisonnés pour avoir simplement exercé de manière pacifique leur droit à la liberté d’expression soient libérés. [en savoir plus]

Letter: Jailed Vietnamese Activist Nguyen Van Hoa Suffers Abuse in Prison
24.10.2018 (RFA) - A friend of jailed Vietnamese activist blogger Nguyen Van Hoa released a summary of a letter Hoa had last month sent to his family from prison describing physical abuse and ploys to coerce him into testifying against other activists in cases with which he had no connection.
Hoa’s friend Pham Le Vuong Cac wrote in a post on his personal Facebook account that the letter details repeated physical abuse at the hands of prison guards and pressure to give false testimony.
The letter stated that on August 16, Hoa and fellow prisoner Nguyen Viet Dung were brought to the court in Nghe An as witness against defendant Le Dinh Luong, all of whom were arrested in connection to their actions following the waste spill at the Taiwan-owned Formosa Plastics Group’s steel plant in 2016. [read more]

Woman hurls shoe at Vietnam officials in land protest
24.10.2018 (Asia Times) - A Vietnamese woman threw her shoe at a congressional delegation on Saturday in protest of the government’s policies on compensation for land repossession.
She reportedly was infuriated with the government’s ambiguity about compensation for land repossession. Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong was at a political meeting in Ho Chi Minh City when she became angry and fired the shoe at the officials, Taiwan News reported. As a result, she was fined 750,000 dong (US$32).
Guards removed her from the scene promptly, and the officials described her actions as “disrupting public order,” the reports said [read more]

Jailed Vietnamese Dissident’s Husband Files Second Protection Plea
24.10.2018 (RFA) - The husband of jailed Vietnamese dissident Tran Thi Nga says he is worried about her safety as she serves her sentence at Gia Trung prison in Gia Lai Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.
Nga, 40, was sentenced in July 2017 to nine years in prison for spreading “propaganda against the state” under Article 88 of Vietnam’s penal code, a provision frequently used to silence dissident bloggers and other activists.
Her husband Phan Van Phong had sent an appeal for her protection after he heard from her during an August 17 phone call that she had been beaten and threatened with death by a cellmate. [read more]

Vietnam: why blogger Mother Mushroom went free
24.10.2018 By Hunter Marston (The Interpreter) - During US Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ two-day visit to Vietnam last week, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) quietly released the high-profile dissident blogger known as ‘Mẹ Nấm,’ or Mother Mushroom, on the condition of her exile to the United States. While Mattis’ trip and the CPV’s decision to release Mother Mushroom each indicate deepening US-Vietnam ties in different ways, the episode reveals more about Hanoi’s insecurities than any political awakening or relaxation of its repressive security apparatus.
The timing of her release during Mattis’ visit was likely meant both to reduce media attention on the story while signalling to the US that Hanoi was willing to show flexibility to Washington’s human rights concerns in order to keep the partnership on positive footing. [read more]

Vietnam: blogger Me Nâm (Mother Mushroom) released into exile
23.10.2018 (English PEN) - 'I will continue to raise my voice until there is human rights in Vietnam, real human rights'.
English PEN welcomes the news that blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, known by her pen name Me Nâm (Mother Mushroom) has been released and reunited with her family.
Arrested in October 2016, Me Nâm was sentenced the following year, after a one-day trial, to ten years in prison on charges of ‘conducting propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam’. She was released on 17 October 2018 having spent two years in detention. The remainder of her 10-year prison sentence has reportedly been suspended.
While the news of Me Nâm’s release is hugely welcome, we are saddened that she had already spent two years too many behind bars and that, like many others before her, she has been forced into exile. We also remain seriously concerned for the many other writers and activists serving lengthy prison sentenced in Vietnam and continue to call on the authorities to stop the crackdown on peaceful dissent. [read more]

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh (Mother Mushroom) - Status: Released
23.10.2018 (PEN America) - Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who blogs under the name Me Nam or “Mother Mushroom,” is a Vietnamese political and environmental activist. After years of government surveillance, harassment, and intimidation, on October 10, 2016, Me Nam was arrested in Khanh Hoa and charged under Article 88 of the Penal Code for “conducting propaganda against the State.”
October 17, 2018: Me Nam is unexpectedly released from prison and leaves Vietnam into exile in the United States, landing in Houston with her elderly mother and two children. She tells AFP that she made the decision for her family, but vows that “I will continue to raise my voice until there is human rights in Vietnam, real human rights.”
Vietnamese authorities retain tight control over all official media in the country, and commonly target activists and independent bloggers who write on social or political concerns that diverge from the government’s narrative. [read more]

Jailed Vietnamese Activist in Failing Health, Unable to Walk
23.10.2018 (RFA) - Jailed Vietnamese democracy activist Nguyen Trung Ton, a member of the online Brotherhood for Democracy advocacy group, is in failing health in prison and unable to walk owing to an untreated injury suffered in a beating two years ago, according to his wife.
Nguyen, who is serving a 12-year prison term, is now seriously ill and is being denied medical treatment by prison authorities, his wife Nguyen Thi Lanh told RFA’s Vietnamese Service on Tuesday. [read more]

Vietnam dissident Khoi urges Facebook to protect freedom of expression
20.10.2018 (Daily Mail) - Mai Khoi, a dissident musician dubbed Vietnam's Lady Gaga, has appealed to Facebook's directors to safeguard freedom of expression as the government looks to bolster its control of the web.
With 53 million users, Facebook is extremely popular in Vietnam -- where the internet has become a battleground for activists like Khoi.
A controversial cybersecurity bill, due to come into effect in January, will require internet companies to remove "toxic" content and hand over user data if asked by the communist government to do so. [read more]

Vietnam: une chanteuse dissidente appelle Facebook à s'engager "pour la liberté d'expression"
20.10.2018 (RTBF) - Mai Khoi, une musicienne dissidente surnommée la "Lady Gaga" du Vietnam et régulièrement censurée par le régime de Hanoï, a appelé vendredi Facebook à s'engager davantage pour la liberté d'expression dans son pays, à l'issue d'une rencontre avec les dirigeants du réseau social à San Francisco.
"Protéger la liberté d’expression devrait faire partie de la politique officielle de Facebook, malheureusement ce n'est pas le cas", a déclaré à l'AFP l'artiste lors d'une interview à l'aéroport de la ville.
"Facebook est le seul espace au Vietnam où l'on peut parler librement, exprimer nos opinions librement, avoir accès a une information non censurée, et parfois organiser des manifestations pacifistes. C’est pourquoi notre gouvernement a peur. Alors il essaie de contrôler Facebook (...) La répression est lourde", a assuré Mai Khoi. [en savoir plus]

Vietnam Expands Decades Long Effort To Crack Down On Any Dissent Online By Demanding Data Be Kept In The Country
20.10.2018 Mike Masnick (Techdirt) - It's no secret that the Vietnamese government is no fan of the open internet. All the way back in 2002 we wrote about the government requiring people to register just to create a website. That same year we were writing about people being arrested for posting criticism of the government. And at the beginning of this year, we wrote about how the government now employed around 10,000 people whose only job was to monitor the internet for dissent. ...
And now it's going to get even worse -- to a degree that might even lead some of the big internet companies to leave Vietnam entirely. [read more]

Vietnam dissident 'Mother Mushroom' describes prison hunger strikes
20.10.2018 (Reuters) - A Vietnamese dissident known as “Mother Mushroom” went on hunger strike three times during her imprisonment before Hanoi released her, she said on Friday after arriving in the United States. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, a 39-year-old blogger and environmental activist who adopted Mother Mushroom as a pen name, said she believed Vietnam timed her release to coincide with the visit this week of U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis.
Speaking to Reuters by Skype video from Houston, Quynh described her two years in prison, where she said she was isolated from other prisoners to keep her from influencing them, including the previously unreported hunger strikes. [read more]

Corporate Security Guards Attack Indigenous Protesters in Rural Vietnam-Amnesty International
19.10.2018 By Eugene Whong (RFA) - Security guards employed by Indian-owned RK Viet Nam on September 27 attacked a group of protesters at the company’s marble quarry in Lam Thuong commune, Yen Bai province, according to a statement by Amnesty International.
During the fracas, in which the guards used guns, batons and electric cattle prods, 11 of the several hundred protesters were injured, the statement said. The protesters were mainly of the Tay indigenous community living in the villages near the quarry. They had gathered that day to protest pollution related to the operation of the quarry, which they say has poisoned their only source of clean water and killed large numbers of fish and poultry, the report said.
Amnesty International said video and photo evidence taken by people on the scene during the attack was provided to them and local rights groups. One video shows that rapid-response police were there while the attack as going on, but did nothing to intervene. [read more]

Exiled Vietnamese blogger: I'm not alone advocating freedom
18.10.2018 (Daily Mail) - HOUSTON (AP) - A prominent blogger freed from prison in Vietnam on condition that she live in exile in the United States says she is glad to be reunited with her family and that she knows she is not alone in advocating for freedom.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh was smiling when she emerged from the George Bush International Airport in Houston on Wednesday night to be greeted by a crowd, many of them Vietnamese-Americans. Quynh said she knows she is not alone and that she and others will still speak up for freedom in her native country. [read more]

Une blogueuse vietnamienne dissidente fait voeu de poursuivre sa lutte
18.10.2018 (L'Express) - Chicago (AFP) - Une dissidente vietnamienne, arrivée mercredi soir aux Etats-Unis après avoir été libérée en pleine visite du ministre américain de la Défense Jim Mattis au Vietnam, a fait voeu de poursuivre sa lutte, dès sa descente d'avion.
"Je ne serai jamais réduite au silence", a-t-elle déclaré par téléphone à l'AFP à son arrivée à l'aéroport de Houston, au Texas.
"Je vais continuer à faire entendre ma voix jusqu'à ce que les droits de l'homme soient de mise au Vietnam", a ajouté celle qui est plus connue sous le nom de plume Me Nam ou "Mother Mushroom" ("Mère champignon"). [en savoir plus]

Vietnamese Blogger 'Mother Mushroom' Arrives in US
18.10.2018 (VOA) - A dissident Vietnamese blogger imprisoned for defaming the country's Communist government is celebrating her first day of freedom on U.S. soil.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh was surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, family members and reporters when she arrived early Thursday morning at George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, accompanied by her two young children and mother.
Quynh, who blogged under the pseudonym "Mother Mushroom," wrote extensively about human rights and industrial pollution before she was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in jail. [read more]

20 Jahre Haft für vietnamesischen Umweltaktivisten
18.10.2018 (Der Farang) - HANOI (dpa) - Vietnam geht weiter gegen unbequeme Kritiker vor: Ein vietnamesisches Gericht hat eine langjährige Haftstrafe sowie einen Hausarrest für einen Umweltaktivisten bestätigt. Der 52-jährige Le Dinh Luong müsse für 20 Jahre ins Gefängnis und 5 Jahre in Hausarrest, sagte sein Anwalt am Donnerstag der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in Hanoi. Le war nach seiner Festnahme im Juli 2017 wegen «Aktivitäten zum Sturz der Volksregierung» des südostasiatischen Landes verurteilt worden. [read more]

Vietnamese Court Upholds 20-year Imprisonment of Democracy Campaigner Le Dinh Luong in His Appeal
18.10.2018 (Defend The Defenders) - On October 18, the Higher People’s Court in Hanoi rejected the appeal of human rights defender and environmentalist Le Dinh Luong, upholding the sentence of 20 years in prison and five years of probation given by a lower court.
In the appeal hearing which lasted less than four hours of Thursday’s morning, the judge said that there is no new evidence which can be used for sentence reduction. On August 16, the People’s Court of Nghe An province convicted Mr. Luong on allegation of “conducting activities aiming to overthrow the people’s administration” under Article 79 of the country’s 1999 Penal Code.
The sentence against Mr. Luong is the most severe in political cases in the past five years, observers said. [read more]

Viêt-Nam. Dans le sillage de la libération de « Mère Champignon », les autorités doivent libérer les nombreux détracteurs pacifiques emprisonnés
17.10.2018 (Amnesty International) - En réaction à la libération de la blogueuse « Mère Champignon » au Viêt-Nam, Nicholas Bequelin, directeur régional pour l'Asie de l'Est et du Sud-Est à Amnesty International, a déclaré :
« Cette bonne nouvelle, véritable soulagement après deux ans derrière les barreaux, ne doit pas faire oublier la tendance croissante à l’incarcération au Viêt-Nam, qui jette en prison quiconque critique le régime. Si Mère Champignon n'est plus derrière les barreaux, la condition de sa libération est l'exil et plus de 100 personnes croupissent encore en prison parce qu'elles se sont exprimées sans violence – en public, sur des blogs ou sur Facebook. [en savoir plus]

Vietnamese Medical Doctor Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Printing 3,300 Leaflets
17.10.2018 (Defend The Defenders) - Authorities in Vietnam have sentenced local medical doctor Nguyen Dinh Thanh to seven years in prison for printing 3,300 leaflets which he produced to call for peaceful demonstration to protest two bills on Special Economic Zones and Cyber Security, state media has reported.
On October 17, the People’s Court of Binh Duong province found Mr. Thanh guilty of “Making, storing, spreading information, materials, items for the purpose of opposing the State of Socialist Republic of Vietnam” under Article 117 of the 2015 Penal Code.
Mr. Thanh, a 27-year-old worker of a local healthcare facility, was arrested on June 8, two days prior to the mass demonstration when he was printing 3,300 leaflets in a local photo shop, according to media. [read more]

Vietnam lässt Bloggerin "Mutter Pilz" vorzeitig frei
17.10.2018 (DW) - Zehn Jahre Haft wegen Propaganda gegen den Staat, so lautete das Urteil gegen Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh. Nun kam die regierungskritische Bloggerin, bekannt als Me Nam ("Mutter Pilz"), frei - musste aber in die USA ausreisen.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh sei per Flugzeug in die USA gebracht worden, teilte ein Mitarbeiter der Regierung in Hanoi der Nachrichtenagentur AFP mit. Die Freilassung der 39-Jährigen erfolgte während des Besuchs von US-Verteidigungsminister James Mattis in dem Vietnam. Washington habe den Deal ausgehandelt, berichtet die Deutsche Presseagentur unter Berufung auf einen Freund der Bloggerin. Vom US-Außenministerium gab es bislang noch keine Stellungnahme.
Menschenrechtsorganisationen wie Reporter ohne Grenzen und Amnesty International begrüßten die Freilassung der Bloggerin. Der Südostasien-Direktor von Amnesty, Nicholas Bequelin, wies aber auch auf das Schicksal anderer Regierungskritiker hin. "Auch wenn Mutter Pilz jetzt nicht mehr in Haft ist, war die Bedingung für ihre Freilassung doch das Exil. Und es gibt über 100 weitere Menschen, die noch im Gefängnis sitzen. [Weiterlesen]

Mother Mushroom: Vietnam frees blogger on condition she move to US
17.10.2018 (The Guardian) - Vietnam has freed a well-known blogger after two years in prison on the condition that she leave for the United States.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, known as “Mother Mushroom,” was arrested in October 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of defaming the Communist government. The conviction of the popular blogger, who wrote about human rights and industrial pollution, drew criticism from some Western governments and international human rights groups.
Friends of the 39-year-old blogger said she was on her way to the US with her mother and two young children. [read more]

Bekannte vietnamesische Bloggerin aus der Haft entlassen
17.10.2018 (Deutschland today) - Hanoi (AFP) - In Vietnam ist eine bekannte regierungskritische Internetbloggerin vorzeitig aus der Haft entlassen worden. Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh wurde am Mittwoch per Flugzeug in die USA gebracht, wie ein Mitarbeiter der Regierung in Hanoi und Freunde der Nachrichtenagentur AFP sagten. Quynh war im Juni 2017 wegen staatsfeindlicher Propaganda zu zehn Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt worden.
Quynh hatte in ihrem Blog unter anderem zu Fragen der Politik und Umwelt geschrieben und auch so sensible Themen wie Todesfälle in Polizeigewahrsam nicht ausgespart. Ihre Freilassung fiel mit dem Besuch von US-Verteidigungsminister Jim Mattis in Vietnam zusammen. Beobachter sprachen von einer Geste des guten Willens seitens der vietnamesischen Führung an die Adresse Washingtons. [Weiterlesen]

Libération d'une blogueuse vietnamienne dissidente, partie pour les Etats-Unis
17.10.2018 (France Soir) - Une dissidente et blogueuse vietnamienne connue sous le nom de plume Me Nam ou "Mère champignon", a décollé mercredi pour les Etats-Unis après avoir été libérée de prison où elle purgeait dix ans de prison, selon des sources concordantes.
Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, qui s'était souvent exprimée sur son blog sur des scandales environnementaux et les droits de l'homme dans son pays, se trouve à bord d'un vol pour rejoindre aux Etats-Unis ses enfants et sa mère, ont dit à l'AFP une source à l'ambassade américaine, des amis et un responsable vietnamien.
La libération de la dissidente coïncide avec la seconde visite au Vietnam cette année du ministre américain de la Défense Jim Mattis, alimentant les spéculations sur un éventuel geste de bonne volonté des dirigeants vietnamiens. [en savoir plus]

Liberada en Vietnam la bloguera 'Madre Seta' a condición de que se exilie en el extranjero
17.10.2018 (Europa Press) - Las autoridades de Vietnam han liberado este miércoles a la famosa bloguera vietnamita Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, conocida como 'Madre Seta' --o 'Nam Me', en vietnamita-- bajo condición de que abandone el país.
'Madre Seta' fue condenada en 2017 a una pena de diez años de cárcel por un delito de difusión de propaganda contra el Estado, una sentencia que fue ratificada en noviembre del año pasado tras el proceso de apelación.
'Madre Seta', de 37 años, ha estado haciendo campaña contra los abusos de los Derechos Humanos desde 2006 y fue nombrada defensora del año en 2015 por la organización de Defensores de los Derechos Civiles. [seguir leyendo]

Vietnam’s Mother Mushroom is freed, leaves for United States
17.10.2018 (RSF) - Reporters Without Borders (RSF) hails today’s release of the Vietnamese blogger known as Mother Mushroom, who immediately left for the United States, and calls on the authorities to free all the other citizen-journalists imprisoned in Vietnam.
Arrested in October 2016, she was subjected to eight months of solitary confinement before being sentenced to ten years in prison in June 2017. The authorities never stopped trying to break her and transferred her in February of this year to a prison 1,000 km from her family, located near Nha Trang, a coastal city in the south of the country. [read more]

Vietnam: Renowned blogger 'Mother Mushroom' released under condition of exile
17.10.2018 (Amnesty International UK) - Responding to news of the release of popular Vietnamese blogger Nguyễn Ngọc Như Quỳnh, also known by her blogging pseudonym, Mẹ Nấm “Mother Mushroom”, in Vietnam, Nicholas Bequelin, Amnesty East and South East Asia Regional Director, said:
“This good news, which comes as a relief after two years behind bars, should also be a reminder of Vietnam’s worsening record of jailing anyone who criticises the regime".
“The Cybersecurity Law due to take effect in January 2019 will only give the authorities more tools to silence dissent and put people away". [read more]

Vietnam: Second trial brings blogger’s total prison sentence to nine years
16.10.2018 (RSF) - Do Cong Duong will now have to serve a total of nine years after a court in Bac Ninh, on the outskirts of Hanoi, imposed the five-year sentence on 12 October on a charge of “abusing democratic freedom.” He was given the four-year sentence on 17 September on a charge of “disturbing public order.”
On the same day that Duong receiving his second sentence, RSF learned that the Hanoi police had decided to hold freelance journalist Le Anh Hung for another two months while they continue to investigate his activities. [read more]

Say a prayer for Vietnam’s forgotten Montagnards
13.10.2018 By Dan Southerland (Asia Times) - Communist regime's repression of the ethnic minority that supported the US during the Vietnam War has been largely invisible but is starting to come to light.
The Montagnards, who were some of the American Army’s most loyal allies during the Vietnam War, are now hidden from view and simply trying to survive under a repressive state. Their lives are dominated by ethnic Vietnamese who have taken over much of their ancestral lands.
But things got even worse for the Montagnards after the South Vietnamese government fell and the Communists came to power in the spring of 1975.
The Montagnards’ plight, however, has drawn little media attention in recent years. A recent symposium on Vietnam held at the National Archives building in Washington, DC, has turned a spotlight on the country’s oppressed minority. [read more]

How the 'Lady Gaga of Vietnam' was effectively banned from singing in her own country
12.10.2018 Catherine Clifford (CNBC) -"I used to be a pop star," Mai Khoi says in her presentation at the Oslo Freedom Forum this September. "I had a lot of fans, shows and money."
Two years ago, Khoi was a successful musician with multiple albums who'd won one of her country's biggest music awards. Still, she grew bored of the Vietnamese pop industry thanks to the country's restrictive censorship system. "I couldn't feel free," she says. [read more]

Vietnamese muss wegen Facebook-Post fünf Jahre in Haft
12.10.2018 (derStandard) Mann beschuldigte lokale Behördenvertreter der Korruption.
Wegen "Missbrauchs demokratischer Freiheiten" ist ein Aktivist für Landrechte von einem Gericht im Norden Vietnams zu einer Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt worden. Der 54-jährige Do Cong Duong müsse für fünf Jahre ins Gefängnis, bestätigte dessen Anwalt der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Der Mann hatte lokale Behördenvertreter auf Facebook der Korruption beschuldigt. [Weiterlesen]

Vietnam blogger sentenced again after Facebook posts
12.10.2018 (Daily Mail) - Vietnam on Friday jailed a blogger who posted critical material on Facebook for five years, his second sentence in less than a month as a hardline administration tightens its grip on dissent.
Citizen journalist Do Cong Duong used Facebook to voice his opinions on a number of hot-button issues and was jailed in connection with posts that included criticism of corruption and land disputes.
He was sentenced to five years in prison for "abusing democratic freedoms", his lawyer Ha Huy Son told AFP. [read more]

Un militant condamné à cinq ans de prison
12.10.2018 (24heures) - Un militant vietnamien, déjà condamné il y a quelques semaines à quatre ans de détention, s'est vu infliger vendredi une nouvelle condamnation à cinq ans de prison pour avoir diffusé sur Facebook des articles et vidéos critiques à l'encontre du régime communiste.
A l'issue d'un procès expéditif d'une demi-journée dans la province de Bac Ninh (nord), Do Cong Duong, 54 ans, a été condamné pour «violation des libertés démocratiques», a déclaré à l'AFP son avocat, Ha Huy Son. [en savoir plus]

Vietnamese Activist Released From Prison After Serving Six-Year Term
11.10.2018 (RFA) - Jailed Vietnamese activist Dinh Nguyen Kha was freed from prison on Thursday after serving a six-year term for handing out leaflets criticizing government policy over disputed islands in the South China Sea.
Kha was taken by ambulance from Xuyen Moc prison in Vietnam’s Vung Tao province to a police station in Tan An Town’s Ward 6, where he was processed for release, Kha’s mother Nguyen Thi Kim Lien told RFA’s Vietnamese Service. [read more]

Vietnam's Crackdown on Dissidents Isn't New
10.10.2018 by Heather Stur (The National Interest) - It is the same old routine of human-rights violations.
Kim Nga’s nightmare began earlier this month when she received a mysterious message from her husband’s phone saying police had arrested him in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her husband, Ngo Van Dung, a blogger and journalist, is a member of a Vietnamese pro-democracy movement that has publicly called upon Vietnam’s government to allow freedom of the press and free access to information.
Article twenty-five of the nation’s constitution protects these civil liberties, but the Reporters Without Borders’ Press Freedom Index ranks Vietnam 175 out of 180 countries. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have denounced Vietnam’s arrest and imprisonment of bloggers who have criticized the government [read more]

Vietnam cyber law set for tough enforcement despite Google, Facebook pleas
10.10.2018 Mai Nguyen (Reuters) - HANOI - Vietnam is preparing to strictly enforce a new cybersecurity law requiring global technology companies to set up local offices and store data locally despite pleas from Facebook, Google and other firms, a government document showed.
Alphabet Inc’s Google, Facebook and other big technology companies had hoped a draft decree on how the law would be implemented would soften provisions they find most objectionable. [read more]

Leader of banned Vietnam Buddhist Sect Expelled from Thanh Minh Zen Monastery
08.10.2018 (RFA) - A high-profile human rights activist and supreme patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) has been expelled from the Thanh Minh Zen monastery in Ho Chi Minh City, where he had been under house arrest since 2003, supporters said.
Thich Quang Do had been under extreme state surveillance while interned at the monastery for practicing his religion and being an advocate of religious freedom and democracy.
In a statement, the International Buddhist Information Bureau (IBIB) said that the 91-year-old patriarch had been asked on Sept. 15 to leave the monastery by its superior monk Thích Thanh Minh as his presence had become a distraction to the daily operations of the monastery. [read more]

Vietnamese Activists Given Long Prison Terms After One-Day Trial
05.10.2018 (RFA) - Five Vietnamese activists were sentenced Friday in a Ho Chi Minh City court after being found guilty in a one-day trial of involvement in a political group that authorities deemed to have challenged Vietnam’s Communist one-party system.
The five had been charged with “activities aimed at overthrowing the people’s administration” under Article 79 of Vietnam’s Penal Code.
Group leader Luu Van Vinh was given 15 years. Nguyen Quoc Hoan was sentenced to 13 years, Nguyen Van Duc Do to 11 years, Tu Cong Nghia to 10 years, and Phan Trung to 8 years. [read more]

Vietnam encarcela a cinco personas por intento de golpe de Estado
05.10.2018 (europa press) - Vietnam encarcela a cinco personas por intento de golpe de Estado.
Cinco personas han sido condenadas a entre ocho y 15 años de cárcel por intento de golpe de Estado, según han confirmado fuentes policiales al término del juicio celebrado en Ciudad Ho Chi Mihn, la antigua Saigón.
Los condenados son los cinco fundadores de un movimiento creado en 2016, la Coalición Nacional de Vietnam. [seguir leyendo]

Vietnam: End Repression Against Activists !
03.10.2018 (Human Rights Watch) - Vietnam National Self-Determination Coalition Members on Trial.
Vietnam should drop politically motivated charges against five pro-democracy campaigners from a political group that challenges the Communist Party of Vietnam’s monopoly on power, Human Rights Watch said today. The government should immediately release them without conditions.
Authorities arrested the five – Luu Van Vinh, Nguyen Van Duc Do, Phan Trung, Tu Cong Nghia, and Nguyen Quoc Hoan – in November 2016 for their alleged affiliation with the Vietnam National Self-Determination Coalition, an independent political group. [read more]

Latest Count: Vietnam Holds 246 Prisoners of Conscience
01.10.2018 (Mach Song Media) - According to the Now! Campaign, which consists of 14 international and Vietnamese civil society organizations, the government of Vietnam is holding at least 246 in prisons or similar forms of detention compared to 165 cases in November 2017, when the campaign was launched. This makes the country the second largest jailer of dissidents in the region, only behind Myanmar.
In the first nine months of 2018, Vietnam has arrested 24 human rights activists. By the end of September, it has convicted 33 activists and sentenced them to a total of 225.5 years in prison and 56 years of probation. [read more]

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