Forum Salesiano 2016

FROM 23 TO 26 AUGUST 2016

Setting the Scene
‘Religion’ - together with loving kindness and reason - is one of the three pillars of the preventive system of Don Bosco.
Religion is a means an educator must constantly apply, he must teach it himself and practise it, if he wishes to be obeyed and to attain his end,’ writes Don Bosco.
But more than a methodical pillar religion is for him the essence of education.
Saving one’s soul, belief in God and developing a relationship with Him, is the ultimate mission of every human being. Education should be at the service of this life mission.
Da mihi animas caetera tolle’ is the motto of the Salesian Congregation. Education for meaning and faith remains a key objective in our education of children and young people. How can we achieve this in our contemporary context? In our Western world, the religious dimension is under pressure and is increasingly relegated to private life. How do you do this in a multicultural society with a multitude of beliefs, with children and young people of today?
Starting from the practice and beliefs of Don Bosco, we will reflect on these challenges during these days of study.

The program
From 23 to 26 August 2016 we will organize a meeting in Benediktbeuern (Germany), in which - by means of study and mutual exchanges - we will investigate the issue of ‘religion’ in the preventive system.

To present the different dimensions of the theme, we have invited different speakers from various study centres who will deal with the topic from their respective points of view, related to their field of work:
     •    Aldo Giraudo (UPS - Italia): ‘The Christian education of youth’: potentiality and fecundity of religion in the vision and practice of education of Don Bosco
        Roger Burggraeve (KU Leuven - Belgium): The soul of integral education. Orientations for a contemporary interpretation of ‘religione’ in the Salesian pedagogical project
        Clemens Lechner (Universität Jena - Germany): Religion as a resource in the education of young people
        Angelica Gabriel & Martin Lechner (Jugendpastoral Institut Benediktbeuern -Germany): Faith-sensitive education in the current context
        Rosangela Siboldi (Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell'educazione Auxilium - Italy): How to put to good use the dimension of religion nowadays?
        Michal Vojtás (UPS - Italy): Religion, the stick, and the preventive approach. Methodological implications of the religious dimension in Salesian education
        Carlo Loots & Colette Schaumont (Don Bosco Vorming & Animatie - Belgium): Developping christian identity in a multicultural and multi-religious context. A conceptual approach

In addition to these investigations there will be enough time to share opinions in order to assimilate the ideas better. The languages used will be English and Italian.

The target group
The Salesian Forum is open to scholars in the field of education, pastoral care, spirituality, history, to SDB, FMA, lay people, members of the Salesian Family and all those who directly commit themselves to the education of youngsters and are interested in deepening issues that are vital to the Salesian mission.

Concrete information
The Salesian Forum begins with dinner on the evening of Tuesday, August 23, 2016.Reception from 14.30.
The meeting ends with lunch on Friday, August 26, 2016.

The total cost (participation, accommodation and meals) is € 300.

We will be staying in:
Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur Benediktbeuern
Zeilerweg 2 (Maierhof)
D-83671 Benediktbeuern
00 49 88 57 - 88 777

Those who wish to arrive earlier or stay longer at Benediktbeuern are asked to contact the Zentrum für Umwelt und Kultur personally with regard to the possibility of booking a room.

Given the limited number of places available (not more than 30) it is advisable to register in good time!

is possible through the tab 'Registration' above
or via:


The Salesian Forum (previously called Colloqui salesiani) is a renewed initiative, which aims to promote the study on Don Bosco and the Salesian tradition and exchange ideas about these matters at the European level.

The Salesian Forum aims at:
        promoting the salesian formation of the participants by organizing dialogue and collaboration between people in Europe who reflect on the Salesian tradition;;
        contributing to a consistent update of the Salesian educational pastoral project;
        disseminating the results of reflection and study;
        promoting dialogue between the reflection of SDB and FMA on the preventive system;
        contributing to the success of the European project.

Every two years, the Salesian Forum organizes a three-day meeting for the study of a Salesian theme.