Data, the first step to business insights..

Welcome. The Washington Baltimore chapter of the MIT Forum is the only chapter (27 global)  that  data mines events, operations, and areas to show financial strength, and value of services. Strategic information improves services, and in turn- this facilitates the exchange of software ideas, business negotiations, and emerging company information.  At events, the chapter collects survey data so that your Ideas are part of the solution; here, one has a complete review of the Forum events. A robust understanding of operations creates the optimum climate for business growth.  This chapter uses operation facts as the building blocks to measure success and identify valued areas for improvement.  Events cover a variety of topics, ranging from Nanotechnology, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) insights, to Medical Devices. (Computations: R 3.1.1,  SAS 9.1, C++,  STATA 9.2, and SPSS 16.0).

(Note, material here from primary data sources. Referencing, deriving content, paraphrasing permitted by prior written approval with author (Shimbo); all sections- including downloads-- of this website are copyright protected; all Forum reports prepared by this author fall under this provision).