The newsletter from the Forum for Teachers of Western Classical Music,

Bangalore, India.

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March 2010

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  • The Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Music India
  • The Story behind Scale Shapes
  • Goosebumps in G Minor
  • Addicted to sheet music
  • New Beginnings

Nov 2009

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July 2009

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July 2008  

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March 2008

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  • An Evening with the Pianist 
  • Editorial - March 2008 
  • Book Review 
  • Soothing the Soul & Healing the body with Music by John Iller 
  • The ABRSM Examiner’s Diary 
  • Examinations—New Horizons—Many options 
  • Robby’s Night

November 2007

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  • Practice Made Perfect 
  • Editorial - July 2007 
  • Mini Inauguration Of The Grand Piano 
  • Workshop By Monique Copper 
  • An Evening With Monique Copper 
  • Tennis Elbow 
  • India’s Hidden Gem – Exposed! 
  • Symphony Orchestra Of India In Bangalore 
  • Book Review For Epta Piano Journal No 82 Amiscellany Books
  • Chopins Piano Found In England

July 2007

  • Group Piano Lessons in Mumbai by Sushil Melville
  • Musicians at the Computer Balanced Sitting Posture by Carola Grindea
  • A Dream Becomes a Reality by Barbara Thomas
  • Editorial and  Letter to the Editor
  • Workshop on Effective Piano Performance by Frances Lynn
  • EPTA (UK) Piano Competition by Nadia Lasserson
  • The Piano Arrives by Reina D'Almeido
  • Bluthner PIano Center in London by Nadia Lasserson