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The best Fort Worth dermatologist should have a wealth of information on various medical conditions. That way, he/she can identify any underlying conditions that might cause some skin issues. In the dermatology specialty, there are many conditions that need to be handled. These include the following. 

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Acne – It is the most common skin condition that affects people of different ages. The disease affects the skin's oil glands and has numerous underlying conditions. The condition manifests itself as pimples and most people suffering from it often experience scarring, low self-esteem and depression in severe cases.

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Dermatitis And Eczema – Certain areas of the skin are inflamed causing swelling and an itchy rash. The condition can come in different forms such as eczema (atopic dermatitis, the most common one), seborrheic and also contact dermatitis. 

Fungal Infections – Often affecting the hair, skin and nails, these are very common symptoms that are often mild. People with weak immune systems often experience worse symptoms. Candida, a group of yeasts found in the body, is responsible for many fungal infections including balantis and oral thrush.

Hair Disorders – Anyone, regardless of their age, is likely to suffer from hair loss which might be caused by an underlying condition such as alopecia. Millions of men suffer from hereditary hair loss and it can also affect women too. The best Fort Worth dermatologist should investigate the reason behind your hair loss and reverse the process.

Nail Problems – At least 10% of dermatological issues consist of conditions that affect the nails. These include fungal infections, ingrown nails and many more. Note that, any nail disorders might be a symptom of an underlying condition, that's why you need to get checked immediately.

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Psoriasis – It is an autoimmune and chronic disorder with symptoms such as thick red skin or silvery scales on various parts of the body. The disorder speeds up the growth of skin cells causing these symptoms. Psoriasis comes in different types and sometimes resembles eczema. Therefore, you need the best Fort Worth dermatologist to make the right diagnosis for the right treatment.

Rosacea – Often confused with flushing or blushing, this condition causes redness in the face. In some cases, it manifests as small bumps filled with pus as well as swollen eye lids and visible blood vessels. Rosacea often spreads from the cheeks to the nose, chin, ears, forehead, back and chest. The most likely victims of the condition are fair skinned women in their middle ages.

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Skin Cancer – Millions of people receive treatment for skin cancer every year. The most common types include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. If caught early, most types of skin cancer can be treated successfully.

Shingles – The main symptom is a painful rash caused by a viral infection affecting the nerve endings in the skin. It will clear out after a few weeks without any treatment. However, you need to get the proper treatment to speed up the recovery process. That way you can avoid the long-lasting pain, itching and numbness that comes after the disease has left the body. Keep in mind that without proper treatment, shingles can cause damage to your eyes.

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Vitiligo – Melanin is the pigment in the skin responsible for determining eye, skin and hair color. Vitiligo is a condition that happens when the skin starts losing melanin. Symptoms of the condition include patches of depigmented and lighter skin patches. Currently, there is no cure for vitiligo but there are treatments available for attending to the light patches. Some of the available treatments include mini skin grafts. Most patients who experience the condition often experience psychological and social repercussions.

Warts – These are benign but contagious skin growths that appear when a virus affects the top layer of the skin. In most cases, it signals an underlying immunity issue and they often disappear without any treatment necessary. However, a good dermatologist in Fort Worth should determine the right treatment to clear out the warts to avoid transference.

If you have any symptoms mentioned above or anything else that affects the mucous membranes, hair, skin and nails, you should consult Dr. Malouf Dermatology for the best care and treatment. You can also visit a dermatologist for any cosmetic concerns regarding your skin, hair and nails.