Fort Wayne Summer Music Theatre 

Program Mission Statement


The Fort Wayne Summer Music Theatre is proud to provide students with a bigger challenge as actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technicians. FWSMT will continue to present stage productions of a larger scale than students would experience in their own high school programs. FWSMT will offer students an eight-week intensive production schedule that includes singing, acting, dancing, set construction, and stage combat. By the end of the process, it is our goal that students leave with a more advanced skillset as young performers.  Our program will utilize student technicians, lead by professional educators to teach the craft of set, lighting, sound, and costume design. Any student may audition for any role; none are pre-cast or limited to any student because of their race, weight, religious views, handicap, or sexual orientation. The students will be treated with the same respect and professionalism that they would find in the professional world of performance. 


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