September 23, 2017

Fort Wayne Friends Meeting welcome all who are seeking the presence of God in their lives to participate fully in our common life and mission. Reflecting this more individual approach to faith and spirituality, Quakers developed a list of questions (called Queries) that help keep our relationship with God and others on track with the values we seek to uphold as Friends.

Ninth (September)  Queries 
Do you hold your meetings for business in a spirit of worship? Do you seek the guidance of God, rather than acceptance of a previously formed opinion? Do you help one another in your search for unity by speaking briefly and without repetition? Are you tender and considerate of differing views, coming to a decision only when you have, with Divine assistance, found a sense of unity?

The weekly Quaker Bulletin help keep our Meeting family connected.If you feel led to write article, give a book or film review or just share your spiritual biography please feel free to send editable materials in pdf for inclusion.The weekly Quaker Bulletin published every Tuesday Submission deadline is 1 PM on the preceding

15 Singing
10:30 Worship

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October 13th, 14th and 15th, 2017   

The Fall Retreat dates have been confirmed Plan now to participate and benefit from a time of reflection and renewal. Program details will be forthcoming. 

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Sunday September 10th 9:30 Meeting Room

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