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Social Studies

50 States and Capitals- Database of information about states and capitols
Atlapedia Online- Maps, facts, and statistics from around the world
Geonet- Quizzes based on the US or the World map
Geosense- Test your knowledge of geography alone or against an online player!
GeoWorld- Quizzes about Countries around the world
National Geographic-photos, news, and more!
EduStock- A tutorial on the stock market and a stock market simulation.
How the Market Works: Try the virtual stock market game!
Investing for Kids
Virtual Stock Exchange Games: Play the stock market game for free
Current Events
4 Kids
The Why Files
The Y Press- Children's News Network
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
icivics- U.S. civics games
President's Hall- Information and past Presidents
Find Law-  The articles and amendments
Smithsonian for Kids
Digital History
Eyewitness to History: History through the eyes of those who lived it
History and Politics Out Loud- Audio materials of significant historical events and speeches
World History: Hyperhistory
NOVA PBS- This website accompanies PBS NOVA episodes
On This Day, by the NY Times- Famous moments in history from the NY Times
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
This Day in History By The History Channel
Voices of the Holocaust
Women in History: BIographical Sketches of History's Greatest Women
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