Fort Plain High School Earth Science

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Earth Science Weekly Schedule

This week’s labs – Sedimentary Rocks Lab; Start Metamorphic Rocks Lab


Monday 10/22

First 5 + Sedimentary rocks environment of formation diagrams (2.11)

Powerpoint lesson on sedimentary rocks

Finish Sedimentary Rocks Packet (Groups)

H.W. – Finish packet

Tuesday 10/23

First 5 + turn in homework

Sedimentary rocks Q/A session (smartboard)

Start 2.12 & 2.14

H.W, - Finish both


Wednesday 10/24

First 5

Sedimentary Rocks Quiz

Read bottom of page 130 through page 133 in textbook

H.W. – See above


Thursday 10/25

First 5 + quiz make-ups in lab room

Metamorphic rocks - lesson #7 & demos

Metamorphic Rocks Packet

H.W. – Finish


Friday 10/26

First 5

Go over terms from yesterday’s lesson

Smartboard practice session

2.15 handout – metamorphic rocks practice

H.W. – Finish above


Official Earth Science School Supply List:


  1. Eight (8) good quality two-pocket folders.  One for each unit.  (Notes & ESRT’s on left, all else on right)
  2. Four function calculator (minimum) however a scientific calculator is better, but not required.
  3. Pens, but more importantly, a plentiful supply of pencils!  Most of your labs will be done in pencil so that you can make neat-looking corrections. 



Daily Earth Science News

Where is the International Space Station? - Live Video Feed!!!

Username: ESGEU

                           Garnet - Official Mineral of NYS

                            Herkimer "Diamond" Quartz

                                   Ticonderoga Graphite

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