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"FortMacTux version 1.0.0" Live DVD/CD is now officially released for worldwide distribution.


FortMacTux author David Toms, currently residing in Innisfail AB, describes FortMacTux as a very powerful, portable "Small,Fast,Full-Featured,KDE,Slackware-based,Slax-forked,Linux Distro" developed specifically with Alberta's computing needs in mind. According to Mr. Toms, FortMacTux is small enough, yet has all the bells and whistles expected of modern operating systems, plus much more.


When asked "Why do this for Albertans?", Mr. Toms responded "Why not? I was inspired by Alberta's new slogan,"Freedom to Create, Spirit to Achieve." FortMacTux can equip many Alberta students and workers with free, first rate tools needed to create. All that remains is the spirit to achieve. There are many Albertans out there who want to reach beyond. This might help some achieve their objectives."


As it is, FortMacTux has internet software, wireless access capabilities, video and audio software, productivity software (OpenOffice, cad, programming, financial/banking, etc), games, and much, much more. For the future scientists and professionals, great technical and educational software is available, in areas of science, tech, and creative arts. In addition to being easily extended with existing modules, FortMacTux users can readily convert widely available software packages into FortMacTux modules. FortMacTux provides a great intro to linux, but with no installion necessary.


Mr. Toms indicates that, as an added bonus, FortMacTux is environmentally friendly. Designed for current computing needs, FortMacTux is also ideal for revitalizing older systems. While reducing high tech waste, FortMacTux has the potential for significant financial savings in the process. It is 100% recyclable software (use as many copies as you need for friends, family or business at no additional cost).


On a closing note, Mr. Toms encourages Albertans and non-Albertans alike, to "Get your copy of FortMacTux today. World-class software with a local Albrta flavour, and "The Best, Recyclable, Environmentally-Friendly, Free Software You Never Paid For".




You can download a free copy of FortMacTux directly from ibiblio linux repository at

or go to or






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