"The Best, Recyclable, Enviro-Friendly, Free Software You Never Paid For"

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A Small Fast Full Fledged KDE Linux OS Distro for All. Enjoy!!!

Both the original FortMacTux v1.0.0 and newer FortMacTux v1.0.8 gamesplus available at following links.

Download FortMacTux (Live DVD/CD versions) Here:

FortMacTux: (Live DVD/CD versions)

  • great intro to linux with no install necessary
  • rescue disk to retrieve data from other operating systems
  • revitalize old systems
  • ¬†small enough, yet all the bells and whistles:
    • internet
    • wireless access
    • productivity (open office, cad software, financial/banking software, etc)
    • video, audio,
    • games
    • etc., etc. etc.
  • -usb version available.

By the way, fortmactux is proud to be environmentally friendly
  • - 100% recyclable software
  • - more fortmactux used, fewer computers needed and more older systems revitalized

usb version available.

Need or want a corporate/personal branded version?

Under Construction...