Here comes Barack, the Ghostbuster
Will anyone still bet on 'Caspar the Friendly Ghost' McCain?

It seems such a long time ago now that I wrote this little piece on Oscar the Friendly Ghost on the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary-- 

At the time, we were still not quite sure who would turn out to be the Democratic Ghostbuster, Hillary or Barack. By now time has told most of us who still have ears to hear and eyes to see that it will indeed be Barack who will best do the job. As a sign of his flexibility and accommodation on minor points, Barack has even indicated that the White House is worth a lapel pin.

Personally I don't give a flag for lapel pins, and neither I am sure does Barack, but there are those whose patriotism is all tied up with such outward signs of the minutest kind. And this is a free country, folks like that also need to be counted, and as such, Washington and the White House are indeed worth a lapel pin.

Since I am typing this barrage at the Alliance Française, Ligue Henri IV--who said it most famously, let me quote le bon roi Henri, as the French know him:  Paris vaut bien une messe, Paris is well worth a Mass.

Henry IV of France - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hey, I am not running for office folks--I can afford to be elitist, if that's the flag you want to pin on me.

Actually, the way I see it, it is the pin-up folks who are trying to be exclusive in their nuanced taste for such dress code minutiae--that to me really is elitist: you ain't much if you don't know how to score in their ball park either, or in their bowling lane. I understand though that Barack is a damn good basketball player--so how good is Hillary at that, or McCain?

But let's get more serious. Let's talk about What Bush said abroad, on the sixtieth anniversary of the Jewish State of Israel, before the Knesseth. As Nancy Pelosi stated, our bumbling President violated all American precedent by making political comments against his domestic opponents in a foreign forum--he was being un-American, to say it more succinctly. As well as unpresidential. Neither showed it a great deal of respect to the Jewish State of Israel to hear the Vater of the Holocaust compared to such minor league types as the ones Obama might deign to talk to. After all, FDR talked to Stalin, who killed more people than Hitler even. Ahmedinejad and other minor league bad guys in Venezuala, or North Korea are  just not in that category.

To the McCain parade Bush's comments must have been as welcome as Cheney's recent intervention in the Missisippi special election, or Bill Clinton's unhelpful assistance to Hillary's campaign against Barack. In fact Bush is to McCain what Bill is to Hillary: a heavy anker around the neck. If McCain the Maverick was trying to extricate himself from that great big Texas sink hole, der Bushel needs to become quiet as a mouse and hide in the, well, in Crawford, or some place like that where discrete weddings take may place but little else.

In case you didn't know that Texas sinkhole becomes a lake, home to alligator - Yahoo! News :

Sink Hole Becoming Lake And Home For Alligator 

The Clintons too could have greatly benefited from such quiet discretion on Bill's part, but chose to let that old alligator roam freely and make embarrasing comments. 

As it is, Bush's comments were a heaven-sent for the Obama campaign, just as the Edwards endorsement was after the two to one defeat he had to endure among coal mining West Virginia.  Some things just can't be helped--and the folks in West Virginia were not going to go for an Obama--no way--it just isn't in their DNA.

But then John Edwards comes along, himself from a mill town family who made good, but who has long been identified with that very same  white working class that so strongly supports Hillary. That was great timing.

So Obama scores again. Then Bush is putting the jinx on McCain, his next opponent. Great timing. And now he is even wearing his patriotism on his Brooks Brothers suit. I don't know about you, but I can see a winner.

So, if anyone wants to bet their fortune on McCaine, having lost their shirt or skirt on Hillary already, be my guest--I am on a winning streak. Plus of course my fortune is relatively minor--I lost that in some previous gambles a long time ago. So I can afford to stick out my neck. I could have won some money if anyone had taken up my bet on the outcome of the California Supremes recent decision as well--remember what I said:

We are human beings with various levels of consciousness--of course, as I stated in a previous journal entry, , there is bound to be great diversity in the level of awareness in every society, as well as historical, geographical and/or cultural diversity. But when one examines the phrase "it is self-evident that all men are created equal' and removes from it any residual gender discrimination, racial discrimination and religious discrimination, then there is only one way to decide human rights cases--and the time to make the decision is not when everyone in society is at the same high level of awareness, but when those who sit on the Supreme Court of the state or the country have attained that level of awareness in order to make the right decision--and it does appear that they might have at long last.

In other words--whatever decision the California Supremes do make will be a reflection of their own level of awareness in this matter.  I hope they will measure up. Anyone wants to make a bet?

No one took me up on that, but I would have won. And I am betting that when it comes to hunekers Obama probably takes the cake among all the presidential hopefulls that ran this time around--and remember how many there were? Loads of them--Barack beat them all--as he will beat McCain, who is admittedly himself wuite a survivor among the Publicans. But against a ghostbuster like Barack, he won't stand a chance, not if Bush can help it.   

I feel I have done my bit for today--it is a quiet samédi here at the Ligue Henri Quatre on Bush and the weather has turned a more pleasant than the last few days.  So I am going to do some roanming around and let this flow for now. 

A rivederci amici!  Overdrachtelijk gesproken, natuurlijk--metaphorically spoken, of course, for even my friend Brahm will not show up today for me to see with my real eyes or my real ears. He is probably doing some roaming around op zijn motorfiets, on his motorcycle, in de Oostbaai, the East Bay.

I have the town all to myself and I'm going to make the most of it. Tabeh semuah. Tot kijk iedereen.