Further Reflections on Diversity

Mene Mene Tekal Upharsin: the writing is on the wall

Chronological diversity may also be referred to as change over time, or evolutionary diversity. These changes happen everywhere and at all times--the flow of energy that we seek to solidify in our own limited and segregative awareness (or consciousness),  in ons beperkt en afzonderend gewaarzijn (of bewustzijn), actually never stops, anymore than the waves in the ocean ever stop--unless frozen--and even then, there are changes happening constantly at some level or another, even if only microscopic. Of course it is true that what we are not personally aware of we frequently dismiss--usually to our detriment sooner or later.

This morning I was reading this week's Bay Area Reporter ( ebar.com | The Bay Area Reporter Online ) and found a couple  of interesting articles, of which I will mention two, because they illustrate the diversity of different periods of time on a minor, if not microscopic scale, which by the way, Hegel already recognized when writing about changes in die Zeitgeist, the spirit of the times, de geest der tijden:

1. They are making a movie based on the life and death of Harvey Milk, the San Francisco civil rights leader whose name (like that of Martin Luther King's)  is another version of the Hebrew word for King, Malik, spelled MLK:  hence Milk --but whose dream is as yet much farther from being fulfilled. At least Black people can marry and are generally are not attacked by members of their own church or family....still far too common  an experience for Gay people....

Harvey Milk,  a member of the Board of Supervisors and the unofficial  'King' of our community, was the first openly Gay person to be elected to public office. And like the other King, he too was brutally assassinated, right in his own office at SF City Hall. Most people in San Francisco were devastated when we heard the news.  And when the culprit, his former collegue Dan White was sentenced to a mere seven years in prison for two cold blooded murders (his second victim was the Mayor,  George Moscone) the Gay community exploded in anger, overturning and burning cop cars and busting the ornamental doors of City Hall. That event came to be known as "the White Night Riots". You can find a full acount of it on: White Night Riot a video at: YouTube - White Night Riots  and for yet another account, here's how the Holy Wikipedia describes them:  White Night Riots - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The then President of the Board of Supervisors Dianne Feinstein succeeded to the Mayor's Office and her subsequent carreer in the Senate is of course well known--she almost got the Vice Presidential noimination from Walter Mondale, back in the year of Orwell, 1984--but Geraldine Ferraro beat her to it. Our Lord Orwell must be crying in his coffin.

That was over thirty years ago. The political landscape has changed considerably, but we must recognize that for the Gay community the changes have been mostly for the better, even though we were hit by the AIDS crisis not long afterward. But we can and do live with AIDS. It is the lack of love we cannot live with.

Because of their pronounced homophobia, it is now the Black Christian community that has the highest incidence of AIDS in this country. Something I respect Obama for in speaking out on.

2. Another article in the B.A.R  is about a former local resident currenly seeking to run as the first openly gay senatorial candidate--in North Carolina--here is a link to tell you about him:

Left on 49 - Cabarrus County blog: Can a senator from North ... 

He has the same name as one of our next door neighbors in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill, Jim Neal, and he is not bad looking either in a pleasantly rugged sort of way. He would be the highest openly Gay office holder if elected. And to tell the truth, who wouldn't rather have him than that sad closet case named Senator Larry Craig...? 

So in a few short decades, our community has progresses from having our first openly gay elected official murdered by a disgruntled former collegue at SF City Hall  to being able to field a resepectable, openly gay candidate for the U. S.  Senate. That's an excellent  example of social and political evolution evolution for you-- and a clear example of chronological diversity in our own society. 

The spirit of the times is indeed changing--even though among the frozen chosen core believers such microcopic changes may not yet be apparent. I'm convinced they will be when Obama gets into office.

The trends are clearly in favor of greater openness and higher levels of acceptance and consciousness. But not everyone is capable of reading the ice cores..., so the meaning of these sometimes microscopic changes need to be brought to the consciousness of the larger society so that they too can read the signs.

These kinds of changes reflect a sea change in human awareness--and it is that sea change in human awareness that is best reflected by the one and only Black Senator, Barack Obama. If you look up the meaning of sea change, you will see that it is essentially a change brought about by the sea. I am using the sea as a metaphore here for the ocean of energy and the flow of energy in the ocean, which bring about material changes--at all sorts of levels and in a all sorts of places.

sea change - Definitions from Dictionary.com

The Billaries just don't get it--they think that when we respond to Obama's call for 'Change we can believe in' we are talking about a laundry list of nuts and bolts improvements in the status quo. No folks, that's not it.

We are talking about a change in human awareness. A new enlightenment of the human spirit.

That's what this presidential election is all about--a change in the status quo of consciousness.

When the Babylonian kingdom was about to be take over by the Medes and Persian some mysterious writing suddenly  appeared on the wall in the palace of King Belshazzar, stating: Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin--which in translation would mean: you have been weighed and found wanting--i.e. you have been tested and you have failed the test. That's what the Republicans may well find on their political tomb if they persist in their unenlightened policies.