Boys Might Marry Boys...

Girls might marry Girls, Jews might marry Christians and Blacks might marry Whites

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What is this world coming to--no more  scape goats--no more outcasts?

Waiting for the Barbarians 

When I googled on the phrase boys might marry boys I got another picture which struck me hard:

If you wonder why, it has to do with the 14th of October--the date when my brother Tommy died in 1954.

You see, Tommy had done a similar investigative procedure on an  electrical outlet, using a pair of scissors, with the same shocking results the above toddler appears to be close to experiencing. Tommy survived that experiment--but he succombed to a minor surgical procedure a few years later. I wrote about that last year in:

I don't know if Tommy would have turned out gay or straight--but I do know that I would have  loved and accepted the kid either way, for he was my little brother. And that is the way I see it.  Knowing Tommy's proverbial hard-headedness--zijn hardnekkigheid--(for he was koppig, or what the French call têtu) I am sure he would have paid more attention to his own deepest feelings and need for intimacy than to the State's need for maximal procreation or the Church's need to control its flock. The pursuit of happiness is not necessarily predicated on limitless procreation or following orders. Either way, Tommy would have done what Tommy felt was right in his heart.

Someone else might differ with me in this regard--and that's fine with me--they can marry someone from the opposite sex and have as many children as their need for sex or their duty to the Fatherland requires--or even  have children out of wedlock.  I will not stand in their way--so why should they stand in mine?

Ieder zijn meug, to each his own.

So what's eating those Christians and other conventional religious folks? I think the answer is fear. Corrosive fear. People always tend to project their fears on others. The scapegoat, zondebok of the old testament, boogeyman, the devil, the Commies, the Nazis, the Jews, the Islamo-fascists--the Barbarians, the outsiders or those society has cast out.

Bogeyman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Left handers and albinos watch out--you might be next!

Too often in the past people with 'disabilities' were considered evil--and cast out, or even sacrificed. This is still happening in the Amazon region among some primitive tribes.

Christian missionaries have tried to save many of those unfortunate children subjected to the most cruel procedures just because they were perceived to be different. House of Prayer - Children buried alive in the Amazon - HAKANI

In 1995, a woman from the Suruwaha [tribe] gave birth to Hakani. Hakani means smile and she was a little girl full of bright smiles and laughter. During the first two years of her life, however, she did not develop the ability to speak or walk causing her tribe to put pressure on her parents to kill her. Hakani’s parents chose to escape this pressure and killed themselves leaving behind Hakani and four other orphaned children. The responsibility to kill Hakani now fell to her oldest brother. He took his sister a short distance from the communal hut and buried her, still alive, in a shallow grave. Hakani’s muffled cries continued as she lay buried in the makeshift grave.

It is a gripping story--but in the end Hakani was saved by Christian Missionaries:

The missionaries cared for Hakani in the Amazon Basin, but they knew if they did not get medical treatment she would die. In time they received permission to take Hakani out of the jungle. Within six months of receiving love, care and medical attention Hakani had begun to walk, started to talk, and her bright smile returned to her face. After a year she was double her weight and size. Today Hakani is twelve years old and with a bright laughing smile she dances, sings and loves art. Her voice today is a voice for life.

That is a heartwarming story--but why is it that  these same Christians back at home lead the way in cruel treatment of people different from themselves--as they have done quite consistently over the centuries--just think of all the witch hunts!

Conservative Christians lead push for Prop. 8

Catholics, Mormons and evangelicals have been contributing millions of dollars and flying into the state from around the nation to lead rallies and services that preach support for the measure.

Not all Christians feel or act that way of course--there are other ways of being Christian that do not involve cruelty and rejection of those with disabilities or simply different abilities and afinities. But the availability of that choice is not made clear by many misguided pastors who keep preaching intolerance from their pulpits. It must be that  hatred brings in money--and the flock blindly follows where misguided or intentionally evil pastors lead them. In most case, if truth be told, even the good shepherds eventually lead their sheep to the slaughter. So why do those sheep follow their shepherds? Omdat het nu eenmaal schapen zijn--because they are after all sheep--if they were not sheep but human beings, they would not have to--they too could think for themselves and read the scriptures in ways that emphasize a more benign way of being human, and a more evolved form of humanity. But the corrosive fear to stray too far from the herd prevents them from showing any degree of independance. Whether the herd be Nazi or Christian, so be it--follow the leader, de leider, der Fuehrer, the shepherd. Fear leads to rejection and rejection is justified by hatred of those that are seen as different.

I thought  that what set the Protestant Reformation apart from the Counter-Reformation was that you were encourgaged to read and think for yourself.

I guess I was wrong. Religion based on fear and hate rather than on love is the problem, not the solution. 

When conventional religions start preaching and practicing theophilia in stead of theophobia society may progress beyond primitive barbarism--and those who are so scared of people different from themselves may begin to feel more comfortable in their own skins--and actually enjoy life more. Part of the pursuit of happiness is to allow others to pursue happiness.

The argument of those who support California's Proposition 8--which would take away the constitutional right to marry from some people supposed to be equal before the law--is that schools would have to teach children that boys could marry boys, girls could marry girls, just as boys and girls can marry each other. And they are right.

Imagine that! Schools would teach non-discrimination! That can't possibly be allowed!

Where have we heard that tune before? Oh yeah, the very same 'argument'' (if you can call it that) was made when the constitutional provisions were enforced that allowed interracial and interreligious marriages.

Same old same old tune was whistled and they called it Dixie (song).  Or the Horst-Wessel-Lied - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Imagine, teachers in grade school, even in Kindergarten would have to teach that white girls could marry black boys. Ay veh! And Jewish boys and girls could marry Catholic or Protestant boys and girls. Ga weg!  Go away!

Unheard of. And so unchristian, unjewish, unislamic, unwhatyamaycallit--unaryan and unbigoted even.

And what's worst, there is nothing the bigoted parents of those poor kids could do against it! Anangke!  Doom! The end of civilization! Well now then there, Chicken Little Victorian Christians, the world survived and now we are about to elect a president whose Mom married out of her race, out of her religion and even out of her gender.  Aint that just too much.

But ziedaar et le voilà, there it is--a new beginning for America.

It is indeed morning in America--again.

A brand new dawn--never mind that the man we are talking about, Barack Obama, himself has not seen fit or politic to embraced the concept of true equality of all people before the law and the constitution--even though the U.S. and most State constitutions are quite clear on the matter. Clear that here should be no discrimination on the basis of gender, race or religion. Period. The right to marry is an individual right. Each individual has that right and is constitutionally  allowed to marry regardless of his or her race, religon or gender--or those of his or her individual partner. Until they change the constituion--which is exactly what Prop 8 is trying to do. And that represents a sliding back into bigotry and barbarism.

Bereshit Barack Obama: that's biblical hebrew for In the beginning was Barack Obama--well, not quite, he could never have been in his current winning position if he had not taken that backward view against gender equality. A pity. I will vote for him--but not whole-heartedly--sorry Barack, I do understand your motivation--you are a politican after all.  And the better part of wisdom may be to understand that evolution is a gradual process. So I will hold my nose and vote for you anyway.

We are not quite yet where we need to be--but that day too will come.

And you will even like it--for living in a free and unbigoted society is good for everyone:

Black, White, Brown, Gay, Straight, Jewish, Protestant, Mormon, Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Atheist, Native American, Immigrant, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Asleep or Awake. 

Perhaps when Barney Frank becomes president we may finally  have  real improvements. He may be gay, but he earned the respect of the country and the world with his undisputed leadership in the recent economic crisis.

 Barney Frank

uncharacteristically nice

and characteristically gay